Google Page Rank update on the way

That’s right folks, Google has pushed the button and a PR update is on the way. The webmaster world is buzzing as frantic web guru’s check statistics and query Google datacentres, hoping that the Googlebot is in a happy mood.

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Page Rank Tools

I’ve recently launched a site with a few tools to help people with their SEO plan.
Tools include the;

  • Ability to check your Google PageRank.
  • Ability to check the amount of pages Google has indexed for your website
  • Ability to check Search Engine Results Ranking

Plus a few small q/a and tips and tricks.

Page Rank Tool

Top paying keywords for 2006

We all want to get rich right? Well now you can. If you know anything about Search Engine Optimization, you would be well aware of how important keywords are in regards to the content on your website.

When people signup for adwords, they start a campaign and list the keywords they would like to pay per click. For example if you wrote an article on shoes and mentioned the keyword “discounted shoes”, a shoe supplier might have this keyword in their adwords campaign, and be willing to pay per click whenever someone clicks it from your site.

There’s one problem though, that shoe supplier might have fierce competition. Other shoe suppliers will also want dibs on the keyword “discounted shoes”, so what do they do? They pay a higher ammount for that keyword.

Below is a list of top paying keywords so far for the year 2006. That’s right; someone out there is paying $84.08 per click. Crazy isn’t it.

Top 5 paying keywords for 2006
mesothelioma $84.08
mesothelioma attorneys $80.93
mesothelioma lawyers $69.04
malignant pleural mesothelioma $55.95
Asbestos Cancer $54.17

Full List In Excel Format

ipod Shuffle with Linux

As a sort of Christmas present, the company that I work for gave all employees a 512MB ipod shuffle. I though that this was all pretty cool, until I realised that unlike normal mp3 players, you can’t put songs on the ipod without iTunes, apple’s proprietry software. Not a problem for Windows users, but as a Linux man, I was less than impressed.

After some googling I found that gtkPod is an application for Linux which allows you to manage ipods of all generations, including ipod, ipod nano, ipod video, and ipod shuffle.

A quick apt-get install gtkpod later, and I was away, the program was almost as intuitive as iTunes. I had a few problems with the version bundled with ubuntu, but after compiling the latest version from source, it worked like a dream.

Now my only gripe with my sexy ipod is that it doesn’t play Ogg Vorbis. But I found a good script to convert .ogg to .mp3 . More on that later…

Gaming with the penguin

I’m finally using only Linux, and no Micro$oft, thanks to TransGaming. These guys produce Cedega and Point2Play. These are emulators based on wine, which mean that I can play the latest games, right from the comfort of my Ubuntu laptop.

I know what you’re thinking… It must be slow because of the emulation layer. If you think that, you’re wrong. In actual fact on the same laptop, games run much faster and smoother at higher resolution under Point2Play than what they do under Windows XP.

Back to fragging…


Wireless router troubles

I’ve Purchased my last bit of Netgear kit .. Netgear wireless is crap. Worse than D-Link and that’s a pretty big call. I say this because after trying THREE DIFFERENT netgear Access Points and Wireless Routers, none wanted to work with the onboard card in my centrino notebook and whilst they would work with another laptop in my house when WPA was on, they couldn’t use WEP.

Linksys should slap Netgear on the back. They’ve just scored them another customer. I won’t be buying Netgear again, but I’m very happy with my Linksys WAP54G.

Internet Growth Booming

Results from Netcraft’s latest October survey show that the Internet is in fact booming. Netcraft’s survey recieved 2.68 million more responses than the Septembers survey, making 2005 the strongest year ever for Internet growth.

The survey also notes that Microsoft gained 0.75 of the web server market share (whoa I know .. ). But Apache is still going strong, powering over 50 million websites. This figure is playing tricks on my mind, 50 million sites. That’s a lot of sites. Although you must wonder with domain brokers buying domains in the hundreds and then whacking up dummy pages filled with advertising .. this surely must mess with Netcraft’s research.

Source: Netcraft

Generate emails on the fly!

Have you ever had a need to generate emails on the fly? Mailinator is a simple website that is designed to allow you to produce temporary email addresses in an instant!

Google reader

Google have released a new site to their ever-growing network of useful information rich websites. This time Google have targeted RSS by releasing a free news reader service.

Google still maintains their clean, easy to use style interface making it extremely easy to subscribe to feeds. The site contains a pretty funky feature that allows you to seamlessly move up and down between news posts. You will need a gmail or google account to be able to sign up for the free reader, I’m hoping everyone has one of these by now. If for some reason you’ve been living under a rock, you may register a google account here.

RSS has become the way of the future. Online content has never been in more demand and RSS readers allow users to subscribe and display their favourite content in a centralized location.

All in all, I give it the thumbs up.

The TOSP Project

A few weeks ago my dad picked up an old Toshiba Satellite 2130 from his office that was being chucked out. It hadn’t been used in years and was being thrown out as part of a company clean up.

I at the time was after a laptop. In fact anything at all as long as it was portable and could run Linux. Upon seeing this little beauty, my eyes lit up just like the time I compiled my first kernel … and saw that it worked!

I plugged her in (battery was dead), hit the on button and bam! She was alive! The splash screen informed me that Windows NT 4.0 had been installed and the username in the login box had defaulted to “fredb�. I tried all the usual passwords to get in (god, password, pass, blank etc). I was about to give up when I tried the company name.

*insert company name as the password*

Bing! Correcto. I guess password security wasn’t much of an issue 7 odd years ago.

The actual laptop didn’t have many documents on it, no company passwords or credit card details (*sigh*) so the next step was to blow it all away … and install Linux!

My first problem was that the little beast didn’t have a CD ROM drive. The first solution I tried was installing Redhat from the Internet. I had installed a PCMCIA network card and had a floppy boot disk that supported the network card (thank god). This worked fine but I didn’t want Redhat .. I wanted Debian!

My next attempt was to install Debian through the Internet but alas, the various Debian boot disks I tried did NOT detect my network card.

So I proceeded to install Debian via floppy disk …. using 20 separate floppy disk images. I could only find 2 disks so I had a method of using one to install on the laptop while I used RAWRITE on my windows machine to copy the next image, ready for when the Debian install asked for the next disk! (Complicated huh)

Once that was done, Debian installed like a dream. I managed to get the network card working fine without too many dramas, I had installed a text based MSN program (centericq) and BitchX was providing me with my daily IRC needs.

Everything was sweet, until my work gave me a newer laptop that had wireless (how can you refuse the idea of wardriving?!?) and so the Toshiba found a new home .. collecting dust under my bed.

It wasn’t till a few days ago that I thought hang on a second. The Toshiba 2130 would be perfect for an IRC proxy, lightweight web server, small FTP server or a permanent connection to MSN. It ran SSH so I could login from anywhere and administer it.

The laptop was quiet, small and portable. You could hide it pretty much anywhere as long as you had a network connection. I decided on concealing the laptop under a server rack at my work. No one would ever find it there right?

And thus TOSP was born.
Toshiba Online Stealth Project, or TOSP!

Pics below. Click for larger image.

The beast in all her glory.

75mb space available .. guess my idea of hosting warez is out the window. (Feds .. I’m kidding ..)



Should I be worried about the network port/plug ?!?!?!?

Microsoft Paid search

Microsoft’s MSN has stepped up to the plate, planning to offer paid search listings. Similier to google’s adsense program, advertisers can pay to be listed alongside search results on the MSN search engine.

The widely expected move comes as Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, continues to take on Google in the web-based information and services market.

Source: AustralianIT

Google Maps .NET control

One of Google’s latest products is the Google Maps technology, allowing you to zoom all over the world viewing satelite imagery. The have released a guide showing you how to use the Google Maps API in your own .NET project to take advantage of this amazing technology.

You can view the guide and sample code over at thecodeproject.

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