Remove Buzz From Your Inbox

So my gmail turned into Google Buzz this morning .. Google’s instant method for launching into the social media space. The first thing that annoyed me was .. why are buzz updates appearing in my Gmail Inbox?

My GMAIL inbox is for EMAIL – not social media status updates ..

It’s a bit of a hack to get rid of them but here goes;

1) Up the top click the “Create a filter” link (next to the search box)

2) Where it says “has the words” .. type in “label:buzz” (without the quotes of course)

3) Click “Next Step” (Ignore the warning that pops up ..)

3) Then tick the box which says “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)”

4) Then click “Create Filter”

Done! Now all buzz notifications will NOT be displayed in your GMAIL inbox. Want to turn off Buzz completely? Luckily is a piece of pie. Scroll to the bottom of Gmail and click the “turn off buzz” link. BOOM; buzz is gone and your Inbox is safe.