Essential BlackBerry Apps

A blackberry is one of those phones that once you’ve had one, you’ll never go back. (We’ll keep the iphone vs blackberry banter to a minimal shall we?). I wanted to share with you a few blackberry apps that I find essential and allow my blackberry to become more than just a communication device, but a full blown information portal.

Google Maps

Stock standard with many devices these days – an essential tool for any blackberry. Has the ability to pinpoint your location to find out where you are (within 200m). Great for those times when your not sure what train station your at ..

Dope Wars

Just a bit of fun …

Google Talk

A must have tool to keep in touch with friends and family, anywhere!


Viigo .. is just awesome. An RSS feeder for your blackberry, keeping you informed on just about any topic thinkable. You’ll never read a newspaper again.

SSH on Blackberry (Mobile SSH)

Had troubles connecting to SSH servers using my Blackberry Pearl … Until I found the following;

While all Rove products are able to connect through the BlackBerry Internet Service, Research in Motion blocks all ports from 1-1024 except for ports 80 and 443 so the default ports for SSH and Telnet are blocked.

I followed Jonesy’s guide to allow SSHD to run on multiple ports and whoala – it works.

SQL Query to export/list all users in your Blackberry Server Farm

If you want a fast and easy way to list all the Blackberry users in your farm, with relevant information, run the below SQL query against the BESMgmt database on your Blackberry SQL database.

It will return the following information:
Users Display name
BES Server they are on
Exchange server their mailbox is on
PIN of their BES
IT Policy they are using
Software Configuration they are using
Model of their Blackberry
Versions of their BES software
IEME of their Blackberry

select userconfig.DisplayName as [Name], ServerConfig.ServiceName as [BES Server] , userconfig.ServerDN [Exchange Server], as [PIN], ITPolicy2.PolicyName as [IT Policy], HandHeldConfig.Name as [Software Configuration], SyncDeviceMgmtSummary.ModelName as [BBModel], SyncDeviceMgmtSummary.PlatformVer as [PlatformVer], SyncDeviceMgmtSummary.AppsVer as [AppsVer], SyncDeviceMgmtSummary.IMEI as [IMEI], UserConfig.CreationTime as [CreationTime] FROM UserConfig left JOIN ServerConfig ON UserConfig.ServerConfigID = ServerConfig.ID left JOIN ITPolicy2 ON UserConfig.ITPolicy2Id = ITPolicy2.ID left JOIN UserStats ON UserConfig.ID = UserStats.ID left JOIN HandHeldConfig ON HandHeldConfig.ID = UserConfig.HandHeldConfigID left JOIN SyncDeviceMgmtSummary ON SyncDeviceMgmtSummary.UserConfigID = UserConfig.ID