The Ultimate Acer Aspire One Linux Tweak Guide

So I managed to get my hands on one of these sexy little device and I must say, I’m damn impressed. What’s rather amusing is holding up the laptop in its leather case to a few friends and saying; what do you think this is? By far the most amusing comment so far was “Is it a mans handbag?”.

Being the Linux fanboy that I am, I set to work tweaking my Acer Aspire One, which by default comes with the Linux distro Linplus. My first reaction was to be gone with the default OS and whack Ubuntu on, however I came to love Linplus and its fast bootup time. And by fast .. I mean fast. If I wanted to find out the weather, I could probably boot this laptop and hit faster than my Blackberry could load the site :)

One of the first things you’ll need to do is get your Linplus working like an actual Linux operating system, and we can do this by turning on the advanced menu, which allows you to right click the desktop for a traditional menu.

1) Hit Alt + F12 and type xfce-setting-show
2) Find Desktop preferences, then the behavior tab and click “Show desktop menu on right-click”.

Some interesting and useful Tweaks

Installing Skype on the Acer Aspire One
One of the reasons why I wanted one of these tiny notebooks was for traveling purposes. And what better way to communicate with home than over Skype.

1) From the advanced menu (right click desktop) click terminal
2) Type: sudo yum install skype

This will install Skype and the necessary dependencies.
To add Skype to the infamous Acer Aspire Linplus background menu .. do the following

1) (Hopefully you’ve enabled the advanced menu as per above) Right click the deskop, select command prompt
2) Type: mousepad /home/user/.config/xfce4/desktop/group-app.xml

As you can see, there are the 4 sections, Fun, work etc..
Under Fun, add a line similar to the others and use this as the path;


Reboot your laptop and the lovely Skype icon should appear!

More tweaks than you can poke a stick at

(Please let me know of any articles that you know of that you think should be listed here!)

More tweaks coming soon, stay tuned!

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  1. Ben Horton says:

    This was a great guide. I got my “one” yesterday and was able to do a lot of configuration out of the box using the techniques suggested here. Note that you probably will need to add your own skype.repo file, as mine was not set up yet. Thanks for posting.

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