Downgrade from IE8 to IE7

So you’ve tried Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and you’re not impressed. Lucky for you there’s a quick solution to downgrade back to trusty old IE7!

Windows XP Solution
1) Click the Start menu, control panel
2) From the control panel select “Add/Remove programs”
3) Find Internet Explorer 8 and proceed to uninstall it.

After the uninstall is complete you’ll be able to use IE8.

Windows Vista Solution
1) Click the Start menu then select control panel
2) From the control panel select “Programs and Features” (Or Programs)
3) Click “View installed updates” on the left

(wait for it to load .. it does take a few minutes. Note the bar at the top of the screen)

4) Find “Windows Internet Explorer 8″, select it and use the “Uninstall button” at the top of the list.




10 Responses to “Downgrade from IE8 to IE7”

  1. A Grice says:

    I do not see IE 8 in my programs menu when I go to uninstall it. I don’t see any IE’s at all for that matter. I’m using OS Vista 64bit

  2. jvie says:

    I see Windows IE 8 beta version but there is no Remove button. Is there another way to downgrade to IE 7?

  3. Graywolf says:

    I too have the same problem as Jvie. Hope someone could help. Thanks.

  4. Jagyr says:

    I have the smae problem… at the add/remove programs and click the IE 8, and tehre is no Remove button

  5. NY_Mets says:

    In XP it’s listed as Windows Internet Explorer 8. The removal worked for me.

  6. Rich says:

    I’m on Vista and i can’t find it either

  7. Hasim says:


    start | run paste upside command.

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  9. meeeee says:

    for all, who do NOT have the removal-buttom: install service-pack2. then it might work. well… it did in my case.

  10. Firefox Tips says:

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