Meebo Crashes Firefox on Ubuntu

So I felt like some instant messaging action and my favorite IM client at the moment is web based Meebo, which allows you to log into multiple IM networks using the one sexy, Ajax client otherwise known as Meebo. But BAM, Firefox closed without a hint of what the problem was. So I tried again, typed in and BAM again – Firefox closed again. Hmm.

So I did a bit of Googling and it seems that I’m not the only problem that has this Meebo crashing firefox bug. Some people have stated that it only crashes whenever they visit the secure version of meebo (https://).

I managed to fix the problem simply by doing the first thing that came to my head; and that was to clear the private data (aka session cache etc). In Firefox 3 you can do this by holding ctrl + shift + delete. I’m not sure why this fixed the problem but if it works for you, then I’ve done my job :). If you found a different solution to fix this issue, use the comment section below to share your solution.

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