SQL Query to export/list all users in your Blackberry Server Farm

If you want a fast and easy way to list all the Blackberry users in your farm, with relevant information, run the below SQL query against the BESMgmt database on your Blackberry SQL database.

It will return the following information:
Users Display name
BES Server they are on
Exchange server their mailbox is on
PIN of their BES
IT Policy they are using
Software Configuration they are using
Model of their Blackberry
Versions of their BES software
IEME of their Blackberry

select userconfig.DisplayName as [Name], ServerConfig.ServiceName as [BES Server] , userconfig.ServerDN [Exchange Server], userconfig.pin as [PIN], ITPolicy2.PolicyName as [IT Policy], HandHeldConfig.Name as [Software Configuration], SyncDeviceMgmtSummary.ModelName as [BBModel], SyncDeviceMgmtSummary.PlatformVer as [PlatformVer], SyncDeviceMgmtSummary.AppsVer as [AppsVer], SyncDeviceMgmtSummary.IMEI as [IMEI], UserConfig.CreationTime as [CreationTime] FROM UserConfig left JOIN ServerConfig ON UserConfig.ServerConfigID = ServerConfig.ID left JOIN ITPolicy2 ON UserConfig.ITPolicy2Id = ITPolicy2.ID left JOIN UserStats ON UserConfig.ID = UserStats.ID left JOIN HandHeldConfig ON HandHeldConfig.ID = UserConfig.HandHeldConfigID left JOIN SyncDeviceMgmtSummary ON SyncDeviceMgmtSummary.UserConfigID = UserConfig.ID

4 Responses to “SQL Query to export/list all users in your Blackberry Server Farm”

  1. This is great exact query/script I was looking for .
    Thanks and Regards
    Avinash R Shitole

  2. acnemobo says:

    i really love this Blackberry because of its functionality and design.. this is a very cool electronic gadget for staying in touch with your friends and family member.

  3. Great Example, thank you. This save hours of searching in which table the IMEI is stored.

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