Ezbounce tutorial

Ezbounce is a cool peice of software that has many useful features for the hardcore IRC user. If your a regular IRC user who wants to hide your identity, stay connected to channels whilst offline and have a centralized IRC session – be sure to check this guide out.

From the ezbounce website.

ezbounce is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) proxy server.
Features include:

* Multi-user support
* Full access control (ban and allow lists)
* Full IPv6 support
* Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support
* Lots of tweakable settings

Obtaining ezbounce
The first thing you will need to do is install the software onto an available Linux machine. You will need to recompile this from scratch, so make sure you have the appropriate gcc compilers already installed.

james[/home/james]# wget http://druglord.freelsd.org/ezbounce/ezbounce-1.04b.tar.gz

(If that doesn’t work – the link might be dead – head to the official download site)

Next we need to extract the ezbounce files.

james[/home/james]# gunzip ezbounce-1.04b.tar.gz
james[/home/james]# tar xvf ezbounce-1.04b.tar

cd to the newly created folder. The next step is to configure and compile ezbounce. We can do this with the following commands.

james[~/ezbounce-1.04b]# ./configure
james[~/ezbounce-1.04b]# make
james[~/ezbounce-1.04b]# make install

If all goes well the executable should appear in the folder your currently in. Next we need to configure ezbounce.

Ezbounce comes with two config files, one with minimal options and another containing all possible options.

For this guide we’ll just use the minimal one (ezb.conf). Open up ezb.conf in your favourite text editor. Most of the options you can leave by default. You’ll want to edit the user bracket. Here is an example.

user lego
		from *
		to *
	set is-admin 1
	set password pass123
	set enable-incoming-dcc-proxying 1
	set enable-outgoing-dcc-proxying 1
	set enable-detach-command 1
	set enable-auto-detach 1
	set enable-vhost-command 1
	set enable-fake-idents 1


This user block allows me to connect to any server, FROM any location. The “is-admin” makes me an admin and “password” line sets my password. You may read the readme for a more in depth explanation about each available option.

Next, run ezbounce!

james[~/ezbounce-1.04b]# ./ezbounce ezb.conf

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