Kaspersky Anti-Spam Error – Failed to clear reserve dir

I noticed that on one of the firewalls I work on, that the Anti-Spam updates were failing. The logs revealed;

[03-01-2008 12:25:57 A] File 'upd_terms_recent.trb.bz2' downloaded
[03-01-2008 12:25:57 E] Failed to clear reserve dir
[03-01-2008 12:25:57 F] Update 'Kaspersky Anti-Spam 3.0' failed

I fixed it by deleting the local update database and then manually starting an update.

mail:# rm -rf /usr/local/ap-mailfilter3/cfdata/bases/*
mail:# /usr/local/ap-mailfilter3/bin/keepup2date -c /usr/local/ap-mailfilter3/etc/keepup2date.conf

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