How to ghost/move a system from SCSI RAID to IDE and vice versa

Grab a copy of Symantec Ghost

Create a bootable floppy disk using a windows computer. (Insert a blank floppy, right click in my computer, format, tick “create an MSDOS startup disk”)

Copy ghost.exe to the bootable floppy disk.

Grab an IDE hard disk and install it into your server.

Boot off the bootable floppy disk and run ghost.exe from the command line.

Ghost will detect the SCSI disks and the IDE disk. Do a “Disk to disk” copy from the SCSI drive to the IDE drive (Make sure there is ample room for the SCSI data.) IMPORTANT: Keep the partition sizes the same, do not expand them to fill the disk.

When completed, reboot the server and check that all your data is on the IDE disk.

Shut the system down and unplug the IDE drive.

Using the RAID configuration program built into the card, create whatever arrays you require with the existing disks.

Re-attach the IDE drive and boot off the boot floppy disk again.

Run ghost.exe from the command line.

Do a “Disk to Disk” copy from the IDE drive to the new RAID array (It will appear as one disk to Symantec Ghost)

Once completed, remove the IDE disk and boot as normal.

You may have to boot to the recovery console and run a fixboot and a bootcfg

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