MSN Key port 80048820 error

A friend had the following problem on his machine and of course, I was called to the rescue. I had tried all the normal things, reinstalling MSN, turning off firewalls and anti-virus software but still no go. The machine could browse the net fine, except and MSN messenger would not work.

This was the error. (With error code 80048820)

"Sorry, we were unable to sign you in to the MSN Messenger at this time. Please try again later.
To let us try and troubleshoot the problem, click the Troubleshoot button."

Next step was the googlemobile. Google informed me that quite a few people have had this error/problem. Most suggested it was the firewall settings, which I found to be wrong.

Solution 1
In my case I reinstalled the network card and strangely that seemed to do the trick! If it doesn’t work for you, give the below solutions a try.

Solution 2
Try removing any proxy settings, you can do this by following these steps.
1) Open up Internet explorer
2) Click the tools menu, then Internet options
3) Select the connections tab
4) Click the “LAN Settings” button
5) Ensure “Automatically Detect Settings” checkbox is ticked
6) Untick “Use a proxy server for your LAN …” if checked
7) Click ok, then ok
8) Start up MSN and give it a whirl!

Solution 3
Check your windows System clock and ensure it’s set to the correct time and date.

Solution 4
Has your Norton subscription run out? Some people have reported this will stop MSN from working. (Not sure why … so don’t ask)

Solution 5
You can try resetting your Internet Security properties to defaults.
1) Open up Internet explorer
2) Click the tools menu, then Internet options
3) Select the security tab
4) Click the Restricted sites icon
5) Ensure or isn’t on that list. If so, remove it. Click ok.
6) Select the Internet Icon and click the “Default Level” button. This will return your Security settings to the default level.
7) Click ok, close down IE and MSN and then try launching MSN.

Solution 6
Try and isolate the problem, find out whats causing the the error. If you have norton, turn it off. Does the problem still appear? If not, it looks like Norton is blocking it. Read the Norton manual and find out how to allow programs to access the Internet. This applies to Zonealarm, and other firewall programs.

Solution 7
Try to register softpub.dll using regsvr32.exe.

1. Press the Start menu then select Run
2. Type: regsvr32 softpub.dll
3. Press Enter & Restart Messenger.

Solution 8
1. If you have Norton installed, run LiveUpdate, make sure you have most current version.
2. Delete your Quaruntine and Backup files in Norton.
3. Reboot computer

469 Responses to “MSN Key port 80048820 error”

  1. Chris says:

    I got the same problem today and I tried everything as you had done. Finally I found that the problem was caused by the IE-Tab extension for Firefox. It checked the checkbox for proxy sever in IE internet option->Local area network setting. Unchecked the checkbox,thing is ok!

  2. Jamsi says:

    Ah I see. Yes that could cause it as well. Thanks for the info Chris!

  3. Rachael says:

    iv got exactly the same problem except with mine iv tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING seems to be working.
    Even when i go on to i sign in on there and it says the page cannot be displayed.
    Any suggestions ?

  4. Jamsi says:

    Have you tried uninstalling your network card, rebooting and letting it reinstall?

    It could also be spyware messing with your settings, run a full scan using Spybot. You can download spybot from here –

  5. mort says:

    The reason it was happening for me was incorrect proxy details in IE. Make sure it is set to automaticly detect, or direct connection to the net.

  6. dan says:

    ive tried everythikng u guys have said and even more any more suggestions people? many thanks

  7. Dom says:

    I had this problem too. I did all the stuff people have said, but to no avail. I tried a system restore. Nothing. My problem was Norton. Once I uninstalled, everything worked. I don’t know what it was. Even when I disable Norton it didn’t work, just after I uninstalled.

  8. Louise says:

    Omgd im so annoyed, icant get onto msn and ive tryed absoloutly evrything, i have signed up for aol wireless today so i think that might have something to do with it but i am not sure please helllpppp mmmmmeeeee thanks

  9. Jamsi says:


    Have you tried reinstalling your network card? This may be a little advanced if your not computer saavy.

    Do you have any other firewall/antivirus software running that could be causing problems?

  10. louise says:

    ha yeah, i dont know how to re-install it coz ma mum dun it, but i have turned off my firewalls and everything.

  11. charlotte says:

    help ive triend everything thats bin suggested on every website n i still can’t get msn to work, please help

  12. toya says:

    i have tryed solution 2 and it has not worked for me. my problem is with my zone lab security thing, its blocking msn from connecting and when i do trouble shoot the key port has an error. has anyone got any ideas for me to try please ?

  13. Adrian says:

    are you all running norton,
    i have found norton to be a major part of this, especialy system works, try uninstall see if it works then re-install norton again and maybe a dif version

  14. Adrian says:

    i had another think about when this situation last happend to me, i think it was when i was messing arround with Hijack this, and other anti spyware tools, i was just wondering if any of you would have been using a tool similar to this, and maybe you disabled a service needed by the computer that was labled spyware.

  15. fran says:

    i have tried all of these i even got windows clean up to remove messenger so i could re install it but this still didnt work. my clock is ok, my antivirus allows it to connect i dont have nay proxy settings yet i still cant get on to msn???

  16. Jamsi says:

    I’ve updated the original list with some more solutions.

  17. charlotte says:

    no i dont use norton soz, i still cant get in

  18. charlotte says:

    when i troubleshoot it sais there are no problems please help

  19. Selina says:

    omg im having the same problem. however when i found this site my messenger logged me in although my msn and hotmail is still playing up does anyone have any suggestions ive tried absolutely everythin

  20. Jamsi says:

    Hi Charlotte and Selina,

    Have you tried all the solutions available at the top of this post?

  21. alex says:

    Getting sick off MSN did everything it said over the net going to try this one let you know if it works but cant say rude words if could I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. alex says:

    Its me again I have done all of them but Im going to try out numbers 1 and 6 tonight let you know if it works.

  23. clare says:

    help! i stil cant sign in :(

  24. christina says:

    hey everytime i keep signin in to msn messanger it keeps coming on key port problem on troubleshoot i was wondering wether you can please help me

  25. richard says:

    Hi, id tried everything apart from updateing my norton, once i updated it msn signed in straight away.


  26. Lenroy says:

    i tried to sign in at msn messenger it marked key port error when i pressed the first letter it stops about 10 seconds to put it on i tried every thing on this website please help me

  27. Martin says:

    I have ticked the Use the proxy server box and it has solved the problem for me with error 80048820

  28. Jamsi says:

    Glad to hear that worked Richard.

    Christina, please follow the solutions outlined at the top of this page.

  29. charlotte says:

    yes i have tried that , im really stuck , dont worry thanks for the help though

  30. charlotte says:

    ahh ! it works ! i re- downloaded msn ! thanks people, this site was rly helpfull

  31. Raju says:


    I my case solution worked. I clear my proxy server settings and msn messenger start working.

  32. carol says:


    cant sign in! messenger 7.5 error code 80048820. icant sign into hotmail either. done everything i can except uninstal norton. is that my only option now? :( dont want to do that. *cries* *needs help*

  33. Michelle says:

    My msn randomly decided to stop working, I did everything that was suggested, even removed my Norton (which had expired) but no luck. So, I looked through my files and found MSN 7.0 vesion. Uninstalled 7.5 and went back to 7.0. Now, its working fine. :)

  34. Jamsi says:

    Glad to see it worked!

    Glad to see it worked also!

    Uninstall Norton .. right now and buy a better AntiVirus product. Have a look at a AntiVirus product called “Kaspersky”. Top notch software.

    I did the exact same thing at one point :)

  35. pat says:

    how do you reset the card thing? please help

  36. Jamsi says:


    Under the windows control panel, open up “system” then select the Hardware tab then select Device manager and you’ll be able to uninstall the network device under that.

  37. Nauman says:

    Great. Thanks it worked. I had date time problem.

  38. Lizzy says:

    Have exactly the same problem, its driving me mad. Had tried everything and because people had mentioned norton i figured it might be McAfee as my subscription had jsut run out so tried to unistall it but it says there was an error while trying to unistall. Can’t get rid of it now! What can i do?

  39. Admin says:

    We are really sorry for the current errors.The MSN messenger is undergoing some critical updates and will be full functional within a few days.It seems to clash with IE and Norton Antivirus Software.
    Sorry for the Inconvenience.

    -Hotmail Staff

  40. Admin says:

    Please try to register softpub.dll using regsvr32.exe.

    1.Press Start–>Run
    2.Type regsvr32 softpub.dll
    3.Press Enter & Restart Messenger.

    -Hotmail Sraff

  41. J.A. says:

    Recently, I installed the Kaspersky Anti-Virus and scanned my PC. After it had deleted many corrupted files, my MSN does not want to connect anymore. When I press “Sign In”, nothing happens. In the “Connection troubleshooter”, everything looks fine except the key ports, which it displays a yellow triangle with the ! sign.

    Can anybody help, please? I tried everything, even uninstalling Kaspersky.

  42. charles says:

    YESSSSSSSS IT WASS NORTON 2006!!!!!!!!!!
    i try to quit Norton Processes an hour and IT WORKS!!!fuck norton

    trust me guys ;)

  43. craig says:

    hi people ive got the same msn proplem but i play poker aswell and u have software for that and it wont connect to my poker server aswell as msn my internet games work like call of duty…..any help plz wud be great tryed all ur tips ganna try uninstallin my device

  44. Jamsi says:

    J.A – I have not heard of any problems between Kaspersky and MSN, have you tried any of the solutions – more specifically the new Solution I put up regarding the softpubdll?

    Charlies, glad to hear it. Go purchase Kaspersky instead.

    Craig, uninstall the poker software? Try solution 7.

  45. J.A. says:

    Jamsi, yes I did. I did everything.

  46. Dixon says:

    Waynem’s way on Mar 22, 2006 did work….update the MTU setting on Router made my MSN up and rumming again. Thanks you all…^_^

  47. Justme says:

    i tried all of the solutions above and many more from other pages and i searched for the problem myself but nothing happened still this error. I changed the mtu size because i think the linksys router causes the problem due to some unconventionnel settings or whatever.
    The problem happened first time when i connected the PC to a new router(linksys wifi router)and i checked all settings but didnt find any solution. on other pages i read that linksys routers can cause problems with msn and that they can be solved, but i cant find one.
    Some pages(all micorsoft pages like or or or)aren’t working either.
    Please help
    i cannot buy a new router just because of msn but i need msn and not trillian or whatever
    Thx guys

  48. John says:

    I’ve had the same sign in problem. Until now I had a Messenger file on my desk-top & would just reinstall when ever I had problems. Now this won’t work anymore. Also a friend who has MSN email, when ever she mails me, the email comes through with no sender, no subject & a whole page full of numbers & letters, there’s some connection to this messenger problem here also.
    My solution was to uninstall MSN messenger & install windows messenger instead.
    I’ll what for a newer version of MSN to come out.

  49. pascal says:

    i did everything above but nothin
    at my job no msn today and now that i come home no msn at home this is f***** up

  50. Insignia says:

    Jesus f*ckin christ, tried absolutely everything guys! Its only started today.. :@

  51. ellis says:

    have tryed every thing u have said about it and nothing has worked i have no anti virus or firewalls but still the same problem there is 1 thing you can all help me with have all the people wo have this problem use ntl brodband.
    what it is me and a m8 of mine have come down with the same problem on the same day and the only thing our pcs have in common is we both use ntl broadband

  52. MackDaddyP says:

    I’m a military man that does this stuff for a living… it’s most likely a Norton issue.

    1. Run LiveUpdate, make sure you have most current…

    2. Delete your Quaruntine and Backup files in Norton.

    Close and restart MSN Msgr…. worked right away for me.


  53. andy says:

    unfrotunatly im part of this happy group ive been going mental!

    got rid of my expired norton and downloaded anti spyware programmes and it still give me the same problems i have tried everything mentioned in the above yext with no result

    its killing me!! i can log into ANY of the passport pages, hotmail etc..



  54. Louise says:

    Help me please! I followed the instructions & it didn’t work!I don’t know what NORTON is so I can’t check it and when I try to sign in TROUBLESHOOT comes up and says there is something wrong with my KEY PORTS which I dont have a clue what is it.

  55. jonny says:

    I don’t know if any of the above things will fix the problem – I haven’t tried them. I use a Netcomm NB1, and managed to solve the problem by changing MTU size.

    I logged into the modem, changed and enforced the MTU size at 1500, and then applied setting. Works a treat.

    Hope this helps,

  56. alan says:

    when i try to sign in to msn and i truoble shoot it its says default gateway is offline :S im not that good with computures so would anyone be helpful and advise me how ti fix this problem? thanks alan

  57. Karen says:

    hey, im trying to log into msn messenger 7.5 and it will sign in for 10 seconds and then it would say Troubleshoot 80048820…i clicked on Troubleshoot and it had all the ticks except there was a yellow triangle with ! in was for Key Ports…please help me …. what should i do so that i can chat?
    pleasseee help thanx bye

  58. stupid firewalls says:

    i recently got a router installed to hook up our three computers so that they could all access the internet [broadband] but.. as a result of that msn 7.5 doesn’t work. the error message talked about a possible firewall that may be blocking it

    but i have a solution, which i managed to work out about 10 minutes ago.. :D

    just download an older..but not too old a version of msn.. i.e MSN 7.0

    go to this website here:

    good luck all =)

  59. Justin says:

    Help Please…

    I cant connect to websites such as or ; the rest of the internet works fine!

    When i enable my proxy (which connects to my server) then my MSN/browsing is 1000% ; but once i disable my proxy and try use normal ICS , the problem above persists….

    I dont see what the issue is as like almost every other website is accessible, i just cant get to and and my MSN wont log in!

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Ron says:

    I read somewhere, on another support thingy, that if your Norton has expired, which mine has, that it is the norton expiring that causes it.

    so i guess im just gonna remove Norton??

  61. Jamsi says:

    Yes Ron, remove Norton .. right now. That’s an order.

    Go grab the Kaspersky Anti-Virus instead. If you live in Australia head to, or if you live elsewhere,

  62. Justin says:

    im still having my problem….

  63. Reema says:

    heyy ive basically tried everyone of your solutions none of them seem to be working any help???

  64. Jamsi says:

    Justin, what proxy are you using?

  65. Jonesy says:

    Justin check your hosts file:
    Make sure there’s nothing in there about or

  66. Tristrum says:

    i tryed ALL of them well accept form the ones with norten coz i dont have norten might that effect that coz fo a secoudn error code i got the error code i got as well cameing up is 80048406 and might it also have same thing to do with that i got msn messenger 8.0 BETA ((practible windows live messneger i think)) eney help please??

  67. Em says:

    my msns weird lol..whats happening is that i go to sign in n click it n the green man thing dont even spin so i went onto tools options connections n tried to see if i could solve the prob now its sayin that the keyports are the problem thing is i have no firewall and i have tried to uninstall n restall msn but still not workin and tried all the steps said on the webbie, please help! x xMany thankz xx

  68. Douban says:

    thanks for solution it really works with me
    thaks agian alot

  69. Smitty says:

    changed the date on the computer to be correct, and msn let me sign in.

  70. Dan says:

    I have recently downloaded MSN 7.5 and i have a belkin wireless router, and it wont let me log in, wen i click torubleshoot all are ticked but wireless, i tried all your solutions and i dont have Norton, i have AVG which might cause it, i tried search other sites, my MSN 7.0 doesnt work properly as it doesent send and recieve all messeges. Any Help PLZ Dan :D

  71. Nathan says:

    This is jst silly i mean i cant even access my hotmail email acount or msn messenger on my pc but i can on my friends and i jst literally formatted the whole pc but yet still it cant log in, GARRR. this is doing my head in. ive tried evryones sulution but they dont seem to work. I want my msn waaaaaaaaaa

  72. Amir says:

    i was having same problem with MSN 7.5 in win 2003. it was a fresh install(no other s/w installed) and i tried almost every thing given on this website and it didn’t worked!! sol i found was to install MSN Messenger 6.2 and it all started working…try it and let me know..

  73. sam says:

    Hey I have tried all the options above and doesnot work. I had this problem since I was playing aeound with sertificates and I remember unticking server sertificates required
    Now I do not know what to do next

  74. Mitchell says:

    Mine is comepletly messed up. My computer is connected to the network which has a setup like this Modem

  75. Steve says:

    I had the same issue you all are having on my Laptop….Try this it worked for me….
    I had Proxy server error too but the Key ports was the one that I couldn’t figure out until I did the following:

    CLick start
    click run
    Type in: msconfig
    Click startup tab
    Click enable all
    Restart and it will work ….FM “Fing magic”
    If that doesn’t redo it but click dis able all….restart go back in click enable all and restart…
    Just don’t mess with any tabs other than the one labled start up…the other ones are system stuff stay away……..

  76. Ben West says:

    I’m also having the problem where i can’t use MSN,, or anything else using MSN. I’ve tried everything listed at the top APART from reinstalling the network card, because I don’t know how.

    So, how DO you reinstall the network card?

  77. amanda says:

    I’m also havin this prob. and i’v tried evrything too accept for the reinstalling the card thingy coz i dont kno how to do it! please helpppp!! I’m really fustrated!

  78. dazzyd says:

    all this stuff about wrong clock settings norton dll files etc… i think is rubbish.i have a router and my msn won’t work.connecting modem directly to pc and hey presto! msn works great.the problem seems to be this new version of msn messenger and windows messenger live is conflicting with settings that most routers use.older versions of msn work ok so if some techy at msn could look into it then all of our problems might be solved.

  79. tommy d says:

    omg im soo annoyed msn hasnt bin workin 4 weeks and it never lets me sign on, ive tried everything but it doesnt work. everytime i check my my emails the page always cannot be found??
    my norton virus thingy isnt workin either and my speakers dont work and all the other things ive installed onto my computer doesnt work, i dont av a clue wots goin on!!!! i dont know how to reinstall my network card whatever that means?!?!
    please help me!!!!!!!!!

  80. Lauren says:

    Hi my computer is wireless and i cannot get it to sign me into msn messenger (7.5) at all!!! i cant even get into the internet it just says PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED .. i am worried that if i take it to get it fixed it will cost more than needed .. could i maybe do it myself? Please help

  81. Lauren says:

    Hi .. me again just saying that i have skype to you think that maybe the problem .. also i have norton anti virus.. should i uninstall both skype and norton? will it be worth my while? and aswell as my msn being blocked so is my email and homepage which is ACER the type of laptop i have.. my computer is wireless and there is nothing wrong with my connection it says i am connected but coming up troubleshoot when i am trying to get on my msn Please Help Soon As Possible i am desperate!!!

  82. Debbie says:

    My daughters computer has recently blocked msn.. and we have tried everything we possibly can for example we have went into troubleshoot and still .. no luck. The laptop is only 4 weeks old and my daughter recently accepted a song from a friend through msn. We were thinking it was that but then we read this page and people were saying the causes of key ports is norton anti virus .. should we uninstall it then download a better virus scan if soo what scan would you recomned. Please do not email the answer as it will be no use because of the problems with the computer .. Much appreciated ..

    Debbie x

  83. Kayleigh says:

    Hello I Have a problem. Either Spyware or Key ports. My computer when i attempt to sign in msn messenger says TROUBLE SHOOTER and when i go to trouble shoot it says key ports with a hazard sign next to it.. and does not let me into the internet i don’t know what to do. Should I go and get it fixed or reboot my computer because i have heard that spyware ruins your computer.

  84. Toni says:

    I have the same problem as most of you guys do.
    I run MSN Messenger 7.5 on my computer and just until recently it has stopped working. Error 80048883. The window pops up. Everyone has seen it. Then I click Troubleshoot. The keyports!! How do I fix this. I’ve tried absolutely everything.

  85. fenrhir says:


    MSN Messenger was refusing me to connect since i’ve connected my laptop to a wireless router.
    Problem was not the router configuration (MSN MEssenger working on other pc), neither laptop configuration (MSN Messenger working with other Internet connections).
    According to MSN Messenger Problem Resolution Tool, no problem : all tests ok.

    So ???

    So, it’s strangely the use of that specific router – Alicebox Hitachi, provided by my ISP “Alice ADSL” in France – WITH my software firewall (Sygate Personal) that was preventing MSN to connect.

    Why? Don’t know… With other firewalled wireless routers it’s work fine.

    So : if you have a strange problem but u think your firewall/virus protection is ok, still try to unactivate them…

  86. Emily says:

    Hia, my msn normally works fine, until the last couple of days it has randomly just been singning me out. i sign back in again and it does it again within the matter of 5 minutes. I went on it today and it signed me out after about 30 mins and now i cant get back onto it because when i click sign in it comes up with TROUBLESHOOT and then i click repair but comes up with a yellow triangle with a ‘!’ init! ive tried everything u guys have said except from uninstalling Nortan because i dont have that. What should i do??? help please xxxx

  87. Shane says:

    Problem uninstalling Norton: My Norton Antivirus 2004 and Norton Internet Security 2004 are expired and have ben for ages. My MSN has worked fine right up til last week, randomly stopped. I know I need to uninstall Norton), but the only Norton-type thing in Add or Remove Programs is ” LiveReg (Symantec Corporation) ” with “Remove” option. When I click this, it tells me I cant uninstall cause Norton Antivirus and Internet Security are using this product… ! Theres no option to uninstall Norton on the shortcuts or icons. So I logged onto Symantec website and it very helpfully directed me to go to…. Add or Remove Programs! Im ready to cry at this stage!
    It seems nasty Symantec wont let you have the option to uninstall until AFTER you update and pay them!!!! Which I refuse to do cause their product is RUBBISH!
    Anyone who knows how I can get rid of Norton please tell me asap.

    Shane, Dublin

  88. alex says:

    erm i have teh same problem but it started when i unistalled NORTON so i think uninstalling Norton will fuck msn up

  89. Finn Magnus says:

    Hi! For us who are configing a router… try opening port 443 …
    (https,443/tcp,http protocol over TLS/SSL
    https,443/udp,http protocol over TLS/SSL)

    it did the job for me… :)

  90. Georgie-anne says:

    Recently my msn has not been working. I have tried troubleshooting and a message appears saying there is a problem with my key ports. I have checked my Windows firewall which is allowing access and I do not run Norton. I have emailed Messenger Support but NOTHING they have said has helped me. This has happened before, but fixed itself…It’s now been a week and I STILL can’t sign into msn.

    Please help me!

    (version 7.5)

  91. x says:

    my uni has locked all ports and put a firewall on hotmail and msn is there any alternative site in which i can access msn??

  92. Richy says:

    yes there is
    you can access msn yahoo etc, on there

  93. Melissa says:

    hey i have the same problem the trouble shoot thing says there is something wrong with the key ports and i don’t know what to do please help me!!!!! ASAP

  94. Matea says:

    Hy! I can not sign in, actually, I have just uninstalled my msn messanger! What should I do?
    I would like to have it again, and i have to diwnload the file 6213 from the software!!!!!
    I must have msn messanger, version 7.0!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you

  95. Kehoe says:

    I have recently got a belkin router, now i have some odd problems, there are several machines on the network using MSN, and only mine can not access MSN messenger i get the error code 80048820 80048439, now my machine is the only None wireless one my connects directly to the router, but if i unplug the router and connect my pc to the modem it works fine so i no that its the Router causing the problems, The routers firewall is off i tried adding the Ports,

    any one out there now how to get MSN working again ?

    Thanks Kehoe

  96. Jim says:

    The symptoms you have been experiencing may be the result of either malicious software, or a bug in the software.

    I’ve been through all the steps suggested above. MSN still thinks the Key Ports are blocked, even with the MS firewall turned off. The funny thing is that the laptop I was working on had messages popping up about revoked certificates at the same time MSN stopped working. Even tried installing the Messenger Live Beta. No dice.

    And of course and still work, and the available AV and spyware cleaners do not find anything wrong with this laptop.

    Only option left is to format and reinstall from scratch. That and chuckle at the joke “If Microsoft made cars the way they make software, we’d still be riding horses…”

  97. Jo says:

    I have to tell you folks, my computer’s been doing this for months, and I learned to live without it…heh.

    So i decided to figure out what was wrong with it, and stumbled across this nifty little page. Tried all the solutions posted, nothing worked.

    My solution? something that’s been mentioned at least once. MSN Messenger V. 7.0. uninstall 7.5, install 7.0. I now have MSN Messenger and don’t know what to do with myself!


  98. PEOPLE says:

    If you are looking for a good antivirus and firewall program, i highly suggest Symantec Security Client. Heaps better and that antivirus picks up bloody everything, from trojans to viruses. Cause it is a enterprise product, meaning use for buiseness purposs u cant really buy it for your ‘single’ pc. But u can pick it up a some torrent site. Try and type in Symantec Client, do a search on that and hey presto. U need a BTclient to download anything off thsoe sites. I suggest using Bitcomet do download the links given to you by the website.

  99. PEOPLE says:

    I found this KEY PORT problem to be caused by spyware. Do a sweep of your system with Weebroot
    “”Spy sweeper”", should pick up alot. Webroot spy sweeper is rated top antispyware product of 2006.
    yOu can aslso pick up this program from any torrent site for free. But if you like it BUY IT.

  100. Magic man says:

    i went on norton and it said it was blocking over connetions so i disabled norton and now msn works :D

  101. Bashar says:

    For some of you this should definitely work
    Put your windows xp cd in the cdrom and Click on start then run. copy and past this command with (NO Quotes) “rundll32.exesetupapi,InstallHinfSectionDefaultInstall 132 %windir%\inf\ie.inf” and press ok. This will reinstall Internet Explorer,now try to sign in.
    Good Luck…

  102. Bashar says:

    oops! sorry, The above info was referenced to MSN Messenger connection errors.
    i hope this helped you.

  103. Jared says:

    Thank you guys i jus get my clock and my msn worked!!!!!!!!!

  104. Dan says:

    Thanks X 1000 it was my date one month off. Didn’t realize, I guess, in using it to check future dates, it didn’t change back or I didn’t change it back…all is well now…thanks!!!

  105. jack todd says:

    av done every thing u said and my keyports still dont let me sign in plz help me i cant fix my msn this keeps cumming up 80048820 error plz help!!!

  106. lisa says:

    help i am so pissed of i have uninstalde it like 7 times now and i am still getting the same thing happen to me like everyone else gee canrt people do something right people want to talk to other people but we can not do this is this keeps happen

  107. jodie says:

    Hey guys,

    Im not a computer person, but i did

    4) Click the “LAN Settings” button
    5) Ensure “Automatically Detect Settings” checkbox is ticked

    in internet explorer, but also in mozilla. I changed my clock by a min, just for the hell of trying everything..

    then it worked

    thanks all!

  108. Malolm says:

    rrrr plz help me i’v done almost everthing everone has said but it still says this key ports stuff and im getting frustrated does anyone have any more suggestions plzzzz lol thx alot

  109. Malcolm says:

    oh yea and my names malcolm** lol typo sry

  110. Judy says:

    To fix this problem.
    Click tools/internet options
    click the advanced tab
    scroll down to the security section and tick
    USE SLL 2.0

  111. Iskander says:

    I didn’t understand what Chris said…. What is EI and i didn’t find Local area network setting…

  112. fuck says:

    what the fuck i want key ports

  113. Pradeep says:

    Thanks to Jigsaw Boys……………………
    Thank U Very Much

  114. Albert316 says:

    i tryed everything u suggested, still can’t get into MSN.

    this is what i get every time:
    MSN Messenger has made several attempts to sign you in. Your firewall may be blocking Messenger from connecting to the server. Please review your firewall settings. See the retailer’s instructions for more information.

    my norton has run out to, so could it be that then? but it ended awhile ago tho. and msn was okay until now.

  115. Albert316 says:

    i want key ports to

  116. Scott says:

    I’m on a wireless router and both my dominant PC and the wireless Laptop cannot display any website from MSN (,, the eurpoe version, hotmail, etc) I’ve downloaded three older versions of MSN and I have the new windows one on my PC… I’d install it on my Laptop but I can’t get to the site.

    I don’t have Norton, I have ZoneAlarm on my PC and nothing on my Laptop (fresh reinstall of XP)… I’m going nutz! Please help!

  117. david says:

    ive read all of this page till this messange i seem to think that norton are a bunch of cunts and if you try and uninstall or trail version runs out it blocks your msn messanger i have tried all sollutions i seem to think there is a file of norton somewhere and if i get it i can get in msn…..i will keep you guys posted

    keep fighting the good fight to kill symantec

  118. david says:

    ok guys this only applies to you who have had a symantec product if its unninstalled go to site and re download it even if its expired before download and install it go on limewire and get a cd-key or crack install crack and use program and in firewall tab go exeptions and add msn…works a treat guys…thanks for all your help and sollutions and by the way best and most helpfull site ive eva been on keep up the good work

  119. Joelle says:

    I’m just saying thank you……it worked for me ! Thank you so much…

  120. Sam says:

    I have tryed everything and it won’t work still. What should I do I need MSN.

  121. Samantha says:

    I have a problem and your soloutions won’t work. I need help.

  122. Si says:

    F*ck me….spent about 4hours trying to work this out today….turns out its NTL’s netguard settings that were blocking it for me…so simple…

  123. Matthew says:

    Hi i took my computer to uni where i had to use proxy settings, at easter i bought it back and it worked fine! Then over the summer msn doesn’t work and i can’t access the internet but i can access network drives on my network. I am using firefox and I have turned firewalls off and the proxy settings are back to normal on IE and Firefox. could anyone help me?

  124. Owen says:


  125. Shane V says:

    I would like to thank you. Solution 2 worked like a charm.

  126. Nerita says:

    Listen…i got ie 7..msn 8…key port problem.
    I already ticked ‘Automatically detect settings;
    NORTON expired..Should i remove it ?

  127. mesut says:

    i try 2 fix 2 haurs men thanks alot.

  128. dee says:

    uh… do u unistall ur network card….*blush* cause i honestly dont noe i have tried everything apart from that and its really annoying me….it happened only the other day….it just stopped….and i was like wth i cant even access hotmail….whihc is annoying i can acess every other website except myspace….so im kinda stuck plz help

  129. dric says:

    hi.. I did solutions 2-7 and did from any other sites. I don’t have an AV atm. I was using AVG before then I unistalled it but it didn’t work. I would like to know when you mean reinstalling the network card, does that applies to a wireless network card?

  130. dric says:

    Ok.. Well.. basically my problem was something about wininet.dll My AV thought it was a virus or something “trojan” so I accidentally put it into the “vault” then my IE and etc went crashing down. So what I did is uninstall the AVG, download a wininet.dll file then put it into “system32″ directory in your windows folder. THen now it’s working -_-’

  131. jed says:

    wtf is up with msn i av bin goin nuts tryin 2 fixit i av reinstalled it it sez

    error code: 80048820
    extended error code: 80049439

    plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. dan felton says:

    ive the same problem but i dont have norton, my fire wall is off too….

    i do use spyware doctor tho if thats got anythin to do with it….

    ive tryed everythin nearly, apart for unistallin the network card.
    my internet is provided by a LOCAL AREA CONNECTION
    am totaly stupid when it comes to this stuff so how do i fix the computer


  133. dan felton says:




  134. Mike says:

    error code: 80048820
    extended error code: 80049439

    When i enter my passowrd – it shortens it down to 8 digits even though its much longer.

    I have the same problem with MSNL and MSN 7 – when it does a system check – it seems to stall on Key Ports for a while, I can not work out this why it would alter my passord and not connect to MSN.

    If anyone can offer some pointers, i have tryed everything on the above list also :(

    Thanks – Great site btw

  135. Irfan Ahmad says:

    i have fixed my Problem….

  136. Pat says:

    i tried the wininet.dll download and placed in the system32 folder …..fixed straight away !
    beautiful thanks!!!!!

  137. orqan says:

    thank you very much i fixed my problem

  138. Jamsi says:

    Glad to hear it Orqan :)

  139. snowy says:

    thanks millions! solution 7 really works… i was about to give by the time i gone thru the first six to no avail… but yayy seven works and instant results too! ((:

  140. Anthony says:

    I have done all of the above solutions, and none of them have fixed this error. I live on MSN msger, so yeah. any help is apreaciated.

  141. becca says:

    My msn has not been working for a while now but i really want it back. i think the problem is the key ports but i have no idea what to about it. I have tryed everything suggested above but none of them seem to work. Do you have any ideas of what i can do thanks

  142. olivia says:

    i can’t do.i don,t know.what can i do?

  143. Aimee says:

    ok… i have figured out how to uninstall my network card (i think) but im not sure that i will be able to reinstall it. it might not even be causing all the trouble. someone help!!!!! i cant even sign onto or… i have to go to



  144. Tom says:

    WOOOOHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! the second solution worked. cheers fellas and ladies

  145. Kyochiro says:

    Dude, that removing proxy settings thing totally worked out.. thanks a lot, i’ve been searching for solutions all over the sites, but you’re the best so far! thanks again

  146. moony says:

    mine is still not workin i tryed this all:(:(:(:(:( i swear i am getting craza!

  147. Rabbit says:

    I could not log on MSN messenger anymore as wel as log in to my email account. I tried everything mentioned here and all have failed.

    Nothing worked until I found some forum, I don’t remember wich one but I do know I just had to replace “wininet.dll” found in “windows\system32″

    What happened was a trojan horse wich had corrupted this .dll and made me unable to connect to secured sites/msn-messenger.

    For those who have this problem and all solutions seem not to work, you can try “spysweeper” wich has a 2week free trial and sweep your system, recommended in “safe mode” by pressing F8 when your computer boots. Run full system scan (can take a while), and let spysweeper take care of your problems. Next step is to replace the corrupted .dll file wich can be downloaded for free here:

    It might be a problem to erase the corrupted file as windows uses this dll and u cannot delete it easely. I had to rename it and place the new .dll in place.

    Now I can connect my msn again. I hope this helps for other people too.

    This solved the 80048820 and 80048839 error.

    Good luck

  148. Kevin says:

    Doesn’t work. :(

    I have done all of the above.

  149. Kevin says:

    Take that back. I unistalled Norton and Voila!

  150. matteo says:

    my msn started not working 2 days ago say from 6.30pm it stops working and gives me that error then at about 10.30pm it will work again wtf is wrong with it how do i fix? i tryed nearly everything….!

  151. Alakazam says:

    Jeez, I have tried everything you’ve said and it’s still not working. :(

    Any more suggestions? Why can I run everything except MSN?

    Any help appreciated.

  152. matteo says:

    same thing again 2day , stopped working at about same time….

  153. Ellen says:

    I have tried everything but nothing works .. =[[..apart from reinstalling the network card cos’ i dont know what that is!…xxxx Help please!

  154. Kel says:

    I cant get on msn. And lately i couldnt get on my hotmail. I was on msn earlier and its signed me out and now its saying something is wrong with the key ports. I did step 2 and 7 and it still doesnt work. I dont know how to do the other solutions…help pls!! xx

  155. Paula says:

    I did solution 1 (correcting LANS settings and it worked…however, the next day it was back to the key port problem. I’m not a computer wizard by any means so although i have mcafee firewall and I have checked it I have no idea if there is something blocking & I do not know how to uninstall. Wouldn’t this be dangerous? Neither do I know how to uninstall the network card and reinstalling. Is that something to do with the .NET Password? Can anyone do a step by step for simpletons so that I can sort out this problem?

  156. Jess says:

    I am going insane!My other computer lost not only my msn connection but my A.I.M. and all my other internet connection. I can not access any sites on firefox or Internet Explorer. How can I restore my internet connection? I tried repairing the connection with the Local Area Connection but it did nothing. I also tried all of the steps here because my MSN troubleshooter is telling me that the problem exists in the key ports.I don’t even know what a key port is! Please help!

  157. ruby says:

    its not letin me uninstall norton ow do yoo??

  158. Nicole says:

    i no wt u meen!!! its drivin me mad!!!

  159. Arne says:

    Uninstall the messenger u have and install the version 7.0,it worked for me.

  160. Steve says:

    I had the same problem. Read through all the fixes on this page but they didn’t work. I new there were still remanants of Norton on the PC becasue CCleaner ( showed it in the program removal section.

    So I tried this free Norton removal tool:

    And guess what. It completely removed eveything to do with Norton and MSN started working again :)

    Hope this works for you too. Good luck.

  161. Steve says:

    I also found a similar problem on another machine where there was one login that wouldn’t work and gave the same error. Other logins on same PC worked. No Norton on the PC this time.

    To resolve this one I upgraded the browser to Internet Explorere 7 and the problem went away.

    Another strange one, but true.

  162. Ffriday says:

    I dont actually think this is a problem with MSN itsself, but my computer, but i am posting in this messanger forum as MSN has given me the best feed back as to what the problem is, i have contacted my ISP, but they were little to no help, as they said it was most likey a problem with my PC, and didnt offer any solutions.
    I use a Satellite connection, and every so often my connection doesnt exactly fail, i am just unable to use it; it still claims to be connected, but pages dont load and MSN messages are not delivered, MSN frequently diagnoses this as a ‘KeyPorts’ issue, but occasionally a DNS problem, error messages vary, but here are a few commom ones i have recorded:
    I have tried running “regsvr32 softpub.dll”, i have scanned for viruses, i have disabled my fire wall and other protections, i have played with my proxy settings, i have done a system restore (restoring to an earlier time), and reconnected over and over again.
    Please Help!!!

  163. Gaurav says:

    my problem was that the same machine would connect to windows live messenger when connected directly to the modem, but when i connected through the wireless router, it would give error 80048820 extended error code 80048439. Solution is simple, change the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) from 1500 to 1400.

  164. Gaurav says:

    Windows live messenger error code 80048820 extended error code 80048439. when all else fails, change router MTU from 1500 to 1400. This will work for sure

  165. Oscar says:

    December 11/06

    I had the same problem KEY PORT, then i uninstall norton 2005 and now my hotmail is working again, thanks to everybody to help me resolve this problem

  166. Oscar says:

    December 11/06 at 12.40 pm

    I had the same problem KEY PORT, then i uninstall norton 2005 and now my hotmail is working again, thanks to everybody to help me resolve this problem

  167. amy says:

    my msn comes up with this code along with extended error code
    when i go to start, conect to, and look at the msn connection it isnt connected and says ‘device missing’
    please help asap!!!! how do i find this missing device?? also where has it gone cos i didnt change anything!

  168. Fyrefoxx says:

    Try registering these libraries

    REGSVR32 softpub.dll
    REGSVR32 wintrust.dll
    REGSVR32 initpki.dll
    REGSVR32 Rsaenh.dll
    REGSVR32 Mssip32.dll
    REGSVR32 Cryptdlg.dll
    REGSVR32 Dssenh.dll
    REGSVR32 Gpkcsp.dll
    REGSVR32 Slbcsp.dll
    REGSVR32 Sccbase.dll

  169. nadi says:

    error code is 80048406!!pls heelp!!:(

  170. Omar says:

    Solution 5
    it works great thanks a lot man

  171. xmanx says:

    Windows live messenger error code 80048820 extended error code 80048439.
    plz how I can change router MTU from 1500 to 1400. I don’t understand. plz help.

  172. JonBoy says:

    Had a problem with new laptop that came with Norton Internet Security 2006. It seems that whenever the protection definitions are out of date it blocks all activity for IE, MSN etc and gives error message cant detect dns setting in IE. Run live update and restart and all access regained. Comments on this page were helpful

  173. lisa says:

    ive tried evrything uve told me to do and its not working…dayam its really pissing me off now!! i need help anyone got any suggestions o and btw wats a network card??

  174. yourdad says:


  175. AfCo says:

    I have had the same Key Port problem with Messenger, in addition to not being able to sign into ANYTHING! Pretty much any web based email or web based sign in it will not allow. It’s been about a week and I have tried everything on this page!! I need this fixed as I use these features daily for my business. HELP please. My next step is to back everything up and reformat and I really don’t want to go down that road.

  176. Nicole says:

    My Windows Live Messenger doesnt work i can run the old crappy version that doesnt even have a display picture!! and i dont understand any of the posts besides uninstall norton but if i do that how will i reinstall it because a random guy did it for me. Please help me and make it simple im not good with computers but i need msn to work
    HELP a girl out please!!

    Love u

  177. kylie says:

    me no know what to do waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    same prob as nic. can run crappy version, dunno how to change any other stuff without creatin a chain reaction. need a step by step me thinks

    i have trend firewall stuff.

    i thought i was pretty clever puttin a wep key on my wireless router but that dun mean i know stuff :P

  178. Mustafa says:

    hii, i just bought a new dell laptop and my windows messenger works but live messenger gives me the same error even the eextended error. and i can not go to … im using a wireless connection.. but i dont think their is any problem with it cause on my brothers old laptop everything works fine but not on mine and i swear iv tried everyyy thinggg been searching for solutions for weeks now plssss help if can.!!

  179. eaglehu12 says:

    I have 5 comps on netwrok and 3 can connect 2 cant
    the 2 can connect to windows messenger but not to live messenger (which the kids really want so they can use the webcams) and it is their two that wont connect
    any help appreciated

  180. humzz says:

    Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt.

    Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults:

    Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults.

    run above two commands in and restart your computer.. see if it makes any difference.

    Let me know if it worked. THNKX

  181. humzz says:

    Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: (netsh winsock reset catalog)

    Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults.
    (netsh int ip reset reset.log)

  182. Mustafa says:

    nooo it didnt :( same error

  183. TheBoyMid says:

    I’ve just got this problem fixed. I tried all the above and was getting nowhere. Messenger worked without my router, but not with. I thought I’d tried everything. In the end it turned out that although the PC’s time and date were correct, the router’s weren’t. MSN checks checks the device that is connecting to the Internet… i.e. the router and not the PC. If you have a router, open it’s admin page and check the date and time!

  184. Rainmakerart says:

    hi, guys, i’ve been getting the same error codes (80048820 and extended 80048439) past two days but mine is a strange case. There are two laptops in the house. 5 days ago, Messenger Live was working on both. 2 days ago my laptop showed the MSN Messenger errors but the 2nd laptop was not home. Anyway, I thought the problem is on mine only.

    I found this page and several others and I tried every solution listed here and other pages. When the errors started, I was using Messenger 7.5. I went back to MSN 7 but it gave me another set of error codes so I decided to move even further forward and I am now on Windows Live Messenger 8.1. I still have the same errors. I tried the clock change, I am certain of my proxy settings, and I always test with Norton Security disabled. I have registered the DLLs. I also checked my host file, tried using the wired connection to my D-Link instead of wireless, etc. and a number of other things.

    Here is the first strange thing: the 2nd laptop became available last night. I ran MSN Messenger and it ALSO showed the same errors! Yesterday afternoon, that 2nd laptop had been running messenger without a problem while it was connected at an office network.

    I ignored that for the moment and tried a few more things, including uninstalling my wireless card driver and reinstalling. Well, to my surprise, MSN messenger suddenly worked!

    Now here’s the next strange thing: the 2nd laptop ALSO worked! So I think the uninstall/install of the driver was just a coincidence.

    I just left the situation as is and I did not care since everything was working again. That was last night. Well, this morning … both laptops were back with the same errors. I tried the uninstall/reinstall ‘trick’ just to be sure but it did not work this time, as I expected.

    So I figured it must be the D-Link wireless router, which – other than our ISP’s own network – is the only thing common to the two laptops. I decided to change the MTU to 1400. I also adjusted the clock on the router, just to be sure. It did not work.

    By the way, I went to and I could not get MSN Web Messenger to work either. IE 7 gives me a “cannot display the webpage” screen and offers a link to “Diagnose Connection Problems”. I clicked this link and it did not find any problem with my connection (which is what I expected, since I can access the HTTP, FTP, and POP sites normally.)

    And so, both laptops at home are still stuck with the error and cannot sign in to Messenger.

    Anymore ideas, guys?

  185. maddy says:


  186. maddy says:


  187. pravin says:

    My new ADSL 2+ DLink 502T router was the culprit. I set up the old one and it works.

  188. Baffled says:


    Had WLM working yesterday, now it doesn’t. I have tried all the suggestions i can find to ‘fix’ the issue. Uninstalled and then reinstalled it, now it crashes on opening, as does Outlook Express. Wonderful!!!

  189. Mauricio says:

    Very nice! I uncheck “Use a proxy server for your LAN …” and the problem is solved!! =)


  190. katelyn says:

    its still not working i need help!

  191. Maria says:

    So I’m sort of having the same problem, except I can’t get on to anything. My IE won’t open any of the pages, and none of my messangers will work. It was working excellent last night, and now it won’t do anything.. any suggestions?

  192. marline says:

    i am having the same problem, i am ripping my hair out of my head trying to find the problem to fix my msn because it keeps saying the same things your guys are saying. the only problem is i don’t know what a network card is or how to install it so PLEASE help me!

  193. Odeon says:

    guys i have same problem with live messenger and yahoo.

    nothing works…

  194. Odeon says:

    error code:80048820
    extended error code:80048439

  195. Odeon says:

    and i use dial up connection

  196. Odeon says:

    Maria Says:
    February 14th, 2007 at 5:14 am

    So I’m sort of having the same problem, except I can’t get on to anything. My IE won’t open any of the pages, and none of my messangers will work. It was working excellent last night, and now it won’t do anything.. any suggestions?

    same as me…

  197. crusader says:

    Ok guys
    I had the same problem with the Messenger (errors and key port)and the only thing that worked for me was to uninstall my antivirus! (Norton)
    I’m back to normal now.Give it a try.

  198. sprucey says:

    If you have norton internet security kill it as well, I’ve still got norton antivirus but as soon as I uninstalled internet security MSN signed in straight away

  199. theft says:

    I tryed everything and the only thing that worked is Solution 7. Tnx a bunch!

  200. [...] 4. And if the above few aren’t working, head over to Jigsaw Boys. Their post has a extensive coverage on all the rest of solutions you ever need to know. [...]

  201. juan carlos says:

    plssss how do i reinstal the network card

    i’ll be greatful if anybody help me

  202. g_o cara! says:

    hi guys!
    i have this problem too!!
    i don’t know what to do anymore…
    i’ve tried many things like trie to sign in with other account… but didn’t worked….
    please… if someone of you had the same problem and fixed it… tell me…. please!

    (i’m not american, so if i have some error, sorry)


  203. helpe me says:

    Hi!! help me!!
    i have that problem too!
    help me!

  204. Port Key says:

    Wot the Hell is the “Port Key”?

    ma problem is always the same.

    “Port Key”
    “Port Key”
    “Port Key”
    “Port Key”
    “Port Key”

    so what is it?

    an why is it my Problem?

    Any hints?

  205. jonathan says:


    this is takin the piss
    im gettin different error codes and firewall/proxy server crap


  206. Dan says:

    I think MSN servers are down for a lot of people today – it probably isn’t fixable manually, just wait it out.

  207. Andrew says:

    I figured out what it was on mine. First I did Solution 2 and then I checked up on the norton thing. There is a little icon on the bottom thats greenish on the top and bluish in the bottom almost in the shape of a ball. Right click it and disable and I was all good.

  208. Kokulan says:

    That was very useful and it worked as u explained.
    Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

  209. g_ o cara says:

    Hi again!!
    my msn doesn’t have problem any more!!!!!!!
    i was soh angry that i turned off my pc… two hours later i turned on and it was functioning!!!!!!!!! try it… if i help…. good!! if don’t sorry….

  210. thanks says:

    thanks g_o cara!!!!!
    you helped me!!!!!!!
    thanks very much!!!
    guys try to do what i did!! turn off and than turn on your pc!!!!!!

  211. Very Grateful says:

    THis happened on a friends computer. Sure enough, it was Norton’s fault. On the 31st day of the 30 day trial, norton not only blocked MSN messenger, it ALSO blocked the ports used by COMPETING anti-virus software programs! In the end I had to boot into safe mode, and do a controlled lobotomy of anything norton. THen it worked fine.

  212. Maxie says:

    i have tried all and stil not working HELP!

  213. Harley says:

    hey im having a similair problem my ext error code is:80048416 i have been using search and destroy spybot , Antivir guard and AD-aware se personal. i have tried all the suggested ideas and none have worked.. ne ideas?


  214. handy says:

    still not working…

    “key port”
    “key port”

    btw i connect with LAN


  215. Caitlin says:

    well about 3 nights ago my msn stopped working. when i tried to troubleshoot it , all it said was someting about key ports. which i dont even know what that is.. so i was like ok ? well i searched it on, and found the website well i’ve tried everything shown above and NOTHING has worked. im gettin pretty frustrated. it will let me on myspace,ask,and msn home. but when i try to get on facebook and into my hotmail it says page cant be displayed. it wont even let my limewire connect to the internet so i can download music! but, when i go and sign in on my dad’s computer it lets me in! i’ve called everyone i know that would have an idea about whats going on and everything they tell me to try doesnt work! its driving me crazy! so please help me!!!

    btw: dont reply to the email address, i wont be able to check it. i will try to get on here about everyday and see if anybody replys. thanks! xo.

  216. Pedro says:

    I had the exact same problem (key ports test didn’t succeed) and the wierd thing was at my home desktop msn connected fine, but with my laptop it gave me the 80048820 error. At work I could connect (with the laptop) fine without any problems whatsoever…
    Anyway what did it for me was UNcheking the “server site revocation” in IE7 avanced settings.
    Thanks a bunch and good luck to everyone else who is still strugling.

  217. Dan says:

    hi welli hasve been having the same problem i went onto msn messenegr monday but from tuesday it wouldnt work it just says failed and gives me a number which is 80048820 also with mine it does it with the my ebay section on the ebay website it just comes up and says cannot find the page and it also doesnt work on my internet basnking it wont let you go on the sign in page and my brother fantasy baseball page please someone help and explain to me how i can fix this problem

  218. Dan says:

    Hay it also says somnething about Key ports please help me

  219. Spain says:

    Error with key ports

  220. Brendan says:

    Can you please take me through the steps of reinstalling my network card. Ive tryed all the other solutions and they wont work. I was on Windows Live Messenger this morning, I went and had a shower, and now my Messenger doesnt work. Please help me out.
    Thanks Brendan.

  221. debs says:

    i keep getting this it is driving me CRAZY what is a network card?

  222. Dan says:

    yes thats it error with key ports and it says that it failed to connect to the service please help me

  223. Norwegian douche says:

    Ive tried all of those solutions and none of them work. it’s driving me crazy! i deleted all norton shait and all symantec. still, nada. HALP ME PLZ

  224. Selena says:

    If you are having troubles signing in…before you start messing around with your settings….check the status of MSN first….it MAY be their fault!
    Good Luck

  225. Coolio Wolfus says:

    Service Status
    This page will be updated when information becomes available.

    The .NET Messenger Service is temporarily experiencing difficulty. You may be unable to sign in. Please try again later.
    Last Update: 4/12/2007 11:00:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT -8:00)

    Got that from checking messenger live key ports error 80048820 extended error 80048439, I desided to check their server status…

    This error also means the key ports of their server are down heh.

  226. Coolio Wolfus says:

    And yes and live help both have busy server warnings, sounds like M$ is trying to upgrade their servers to vista/longhorn server heh and having the usual issues.

  227. Selena says:

    lol, they’ll be doing that all through the summer just like road works. They upgrade them to work then all of a sudden, Vista has another bug to correct then all the servers will have to be serviced again lol.

  228. ms. angry says:

    i am just gonna go crazy if i dont know what to do about this !!!

  229. RealDreaM says:

    I changed the MTU but it doesnT work and the other strange thing is that I was having another message instead of troubleshooting.. it’s like;81000314

    But the troubleshooting message appears too, and it is like; 80048820…

    oh no what da f**k. I just right now got into the MSN while I’m trying..i think the problem has been solved by itself…

    Yes it works…I restarted the router and changed the MTU to what it used to be [1492]…SO I’M RECOMENDING THIS:
    -I disabled the windows security wall
    -Then while I’M writing my problem here, on the other hand, I tried to get in the MSN..But suddenly it worked..

  230. omfg! says:

    omfg ive tried evryfin 2 get on it :@:@ ive took ma battry out n evryfink u lot got nemore suggestios ??

  231. RealDreaM says:

    I dunno…maybe the MTU had solved my problem..

  232. RealDreaM says:

    what’s it got to do with the battery?

  233. Kelly says:

    Thanks this was really helpful

  234. Dan says:

    please someone help me why cant i sign into msn messenger or the my ebay section of the ebay website PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE HELP ME has been like it for 3 days

  235. KANNA says:


    tyr uninstalling your messenger, and downloading it again from the MSN website.

  236. jwstoop says:


    I had this same problem and finally i figured out what it was. I took away the router and connected the pc directly onto the incoming UTP cable. That did it, so the problem wasn’t caused by my pc, but by the router, a Linksys WRT54GL in my case (Linksys seems to have this problem with a couple of routers)!

    So the people who have this problem and are using a router should try taking the router out of the network and connecting the pc directly to your modem. If this solves the MSN error, then you can do the following:

    1. upgrade the firmware of your router.

    2. If that doesnt work or there is no new firmware, set your ‘MTU’ value in your router to 1400 or 1450. That did the trick for me!

    Good luck from a sunny and hot Amsterdam!

  237. jwstoop says:

    Hmm next time I’ll read the other replies first ;-)

  238. MrHuyneeh says:

    i cant really get this thing working, norton has stopped and expired, the net is workin fine, online games workin fine, any else i missed? i tried the “solutions” and they didnt help much… wanna un-install norton unless i have to…any help y’all?

  239. MrHuyneeh says:

    i read through the comments,[ima fast reader], and now nothing helps, im as angry as a person talking to an indian man trying to offer u a Telstra membership from FREAKEN MUMBAI! GARGH! HELP!

  240. Dan says:

    its norton doing it all u have to do is get the new norton 2007 and renew it then everything will work fine again

  241. Raphael says:

    Thanks alot! solution 2 solved my key port problem.

  242. Spencer_boffin says:

    ok folks dont want to be a party pooper but ive been hugging this problem to myself and not letting on. Reason ITS COMMON and i get paid to cure it. Ok It should work but each PC is individual with individual problems. this is the most common. Open Internet explorer (Example here is for IE7) goto tools, then internet options then advanced. Then scroll down and uncheck (if checked) check for server certificate revocation. Then scroll a bit more to see if SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 are Checked (important) if use SSL 2.0 isn’t checked then check it!!!! theres 9/10 is your problem. Also use SSL 3.0 and use TSL 1.0. Check date and time now. IF this dosen’t cure it then theres deeply laying problems. Good Luck and happy browsing -Spencer_boffin

  243. Dan says:

    just get the new Norton Anti Virus if u already have norton installed and it has run out then u all have to do is renew it overwise re-boot in safe mode and take everything out with norton on as it is norton who are causing the problem as u may have noticed the reminder thing hasnt come up lately thats because they have given up trying to get u to renew and have decided to cause this problem

  244. Ali says:

    Hi I had the same trouble but not just with msn , also yahoo and AIM , im desperate i uninstalled norton, and installed kaspersky, i checked for all kind of malware and nothing, I think my trouble is a virus , cause when I use Firefox everything is ok and when i start the machine on the Admin session only on safe mode, i dont have the trouble, but when i go to my session even on safe mode, i have this problem and my home page on internet explorer is redirected to a crazy chinese site, please if anyone can avoid me to format and reintall windows please tell me Im getting crazy .

  245. Meridiana Nolan says:

    Hey. i have this problem and i have tried everything. I have Nortons and it expired a couple of months ago. I realise that it is probably Nortons that is causing the problem, however, i cannot uninstall it because i do not know my password, the program came previously installed with my computer. Also my computer will not let me access any of the symantec websites. it comes up with “this page cannot be displayed”. I am very stuck and don’t know what to do. Is there any other possible way i can uninstall Nortons or fix my msn. Or will i have to renew my subscription to Nortons? If i do so will it definaltely eliminate the key ports problem?
    Please get back to me soon
    thank you, Meridiana xx

  246. Barry says:

    I just recently upgraded to windows vista however, this problem precedes the recent upgrade. I do not run Norton or McCafee. When I try to log into MSN, I get an error with the default gateway. Then when I do get passed that (don’t ask me how), I get an error on the Key Ports. For some odd reason, I think that my modem has something to do with it. But I’m not sure. Does anyone have this problem? If a solution requires going to ‘Run’ on the start menu, I don’t have it. I also run Firefox (latest version and have everything updated.

  247. BIOHAZZARD says:

    I FINALLY figured it out.

    I tried every single thing mentioned on the MSN help section regarding this problem, but nothing seemed to work. I was curious about the Norton thing, and that’s the problem!!! Even if your Norton subscription has run out, try just running Norton Internet Security and then try MSN. =) It’s working now for me.

    Maybe someone with more of a technical background can figure out why it works that way. Something to do with the registry maybe?

  248. amit says:

    i got the same problem, actually my problem was worst , i was not able to open, hotmail,microsoft n mcafee websites as well the msn or live msngr even after doing the full format of computer n
    spending hours with tech guys, but when i checked my modem under my device manager it shows me someone elses name in my computer as the name was like this ” ctx modem for ali” n i dnt khow who this fucker i disabled it as it was not uninstalling and tried again , it solved my problem , everything started worked right at the moment , now 1 this is left i get to know who this fucking ali is as i will call my tech support again , try disabling ur modem , it worked for me, may b for u….2

  249. Brittany says:

    I have exhausted everything except the network card thing.

    Only because my network card in installed inside of my computer and was installed with the assembly of my laptop.

    How would I use the network key solution if I have my wireless card inside my computer?

  250. h says:

    I had the key port error yesterday.

    Uninstalled my expired Norton 2006 and bingo my windows live messenger works again.

  251. Pat says:




  252. Pat says:

    Oh I have the problem again …the same but with this error code : 80072efd


  253. dennis says:


  254. Alba says:

    Yea norton sucks, i removed norton , everything works perfectly!!

  255. Ashfaq says:

    hello, i dont really know wat the problem is with WLM but i thought it could b somefing with the ISP blocking some ports…coz i am having the same problem as u all since some days now and i have tried all the possible solutions ofcourse…i have AVG antivirus AVG anti spyware and Symantec Antivirus Corporate edition from norton…and after fighting wiz the computer for about 1hour or more doing all i can to make it connect it always gets connected….so i fink maybe its the ISP or sometimes i update all my antivirus programs and run the scans then it works…
    but dont really know wat the problem is with the key ports..
    would b nice to finally know wats happening cause the troubleshooter even dont know wat the problem could b..!!! so its probably wiz the ISP or hotmail itself..
    maybe its Norton i fink…
    neways if someone gets to understand all this let me know..

  256. Vicki says:

    A few days ago, my MSN refused(s) to work. I’ve tryed everything to fix “Error Code: 8004888D” but yet nothing works!
    It’s driving me insane. I can’t even download any new software and most of my files are invalid! Also, my Internet Explorer is missing! I didn’t delete it either. I’ve repeatedly downloaded software to fix this problem but nothing works either that or they want paid at least £200.00 which I don’t have…
    Please help me in anyway you can!

  257. lena says:

    my pc wont even let me uninstall norton! why???

  258. Líney says:


  259. Ashlee says:


    my msn keeps coming up with the error 80072efd. i hav done all the steps above and none of the work sum1 plz help me itz driving me crazy!!!!! o yea n im not using norton so itz not norton

    Plz sum1 come up with a reply


  260. bobby says:

    this has been sending me insane all day. ive tried everything on the msn website and everything on here. ive even deleted messenger live and replaced it with messenger 7.5. ive totally deleted my norton which was out of date anyway and still no change. its also not letting me log into my facebook account or a billing account that i have.


  261. bobby says:

    just noticed that whenever i run the troubleshooter it says that its my key ports, but i do not understand what this means or where i could repair this. any chance that you could help?


  262. stacey says:

    errrrrrrrrr ello people wat up i stacey if u want 2 talk 2 me den go rite ahed

  263. stacey says:

    my friend is single she wants a boyfriend so if ders any boys out der ring dis numba
    07810324574 plz call her lol

  264. stacey says:


  265. Cailynn says:

    I have tried ALL of what you have said and NONE of them have been working! My computer doesn’t have Norton! My Internet Explorer hasn’t been working for 5 weeks and I still can’t get it! But whats a network card! Why thats a problem too! If I knew what it was maybe I can fix my computer. Please! Help me and my computer!

  266. Aiden says:

    Guys this might work or it might not I’m using a D Link router and i went onto the menu through firefox went onto LAN then status and released the DHCP then renewed it and now msn works fine.

  267. rayan says:

    i had same problem i tried solution2 and it worked for me many thanks.

  268. Trevaughn says:

    I have just download window live messenger and it wont sign me in and none og my other msn messenger is working. also when i clck on msn messenger 7.0 it says ” The parameter is incorrect”

  269. pedro says:

    I need help with Kaspersky and MSN.
    I can’t recieve files of any kind, because it says that the antivirus is not set.
    Help Please

  270. jamie says:

    thanks a lot had thsi problem ages now its sorted (Y)

  271. jack says:

    ive tried everything recommended and its still not working
    please can you help

  272. danielle says:

    after trying everything i finally deleted norton.
    and it finally worked. i’m elated !
    i stayed up until 630am last night working and nothing. then i found this site and realized norton is basically the devil? obviously !
    so thanks ! =]

  273. Mohammad says:

    thanks dude i tried it and its working now thank u

  274. david says:

    canot sign in msn messenger

  275. Rima says:

    This only happens to my computer when somethings really bad goes on because, if someone has been looking at dirty sites or something like that. I know this for a fact because someone came to my house and I saw them looking at stuff on my computer and then later when I wanted to sign into my MSN account, it would not let me. So any suggestions?

  276. poonam says:

    changing mtu settings to 1400 reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllly worked!….was trying all the possible solutions for the past 10 hrs….finally got through. :)

  277. Ryan13yr says:

    MSN Key port (81000306 error)

    “I had tried all the normal things, reinstalling MSN, turning off firewalls and anti-virus software but still no go. The machine could browse the net fine except msn messenger would not work”

    Those are my only problems, none of your solutions have worked. The only one I haven’t tryed is your first because I have no idea how to reinstall my network card lol

  278. Ryan13yr says: works fine

  279. Ryan13yr says:

    By the way im using zone alarm. Im going to “check for updates” later and see if that fixes the problem

  280. Hi

    nice and useful suggestion by you, you know in our office “CCI” we use MSN messenger for official communication, when i faced troubleshoot problem i found your blog and it helps me


  281. Jessica says:

    Thanks! It solved not only msn problems, it also solved some other things that i couldn’t download before!

  282. STEVE says:

    download dr tcp and change your mtu settings to 1400 and your problem will be solved!!!

  283. Wayne says:

    Well.. I’m not really sure if my problem number is the same as the one shown above. The number is 80072efd, and I’ve tried all of the things above. Does this mean i need to reboot my whole computer? Which i don’t know how to do, but i would if i could. Please help

  284. James says:

    I can solve this problem 100 % but not free of charge.

  285. Wayne says:

    Ohh ok then. =/

  286. Hani says:

    Uninstalling then reinstalling did the job for me

    Thank You

  287. Kenneth says:

    I got the same problem yesterday. I try all the solutions being offered above and it still didn’t work. Finally I found why the problem is:

    Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall

    Because I installed Norton 360, I turned off the windows firewall. However, when I look into the Exception tab, I found the ‘Windows Live Messenger 8.1′ and ‘Windows Live Messenger 8.1 (phone)’ were checked.

    What I do was uncheck both of them and run MSN again, everything back to normal. It seems that this is the problem in my case.

  288. kaitlin says:

    Hi i’m having the Key port problem, and i can’t get into any secure sites like hotmail, facebook, or my university online system(which is really bad) and msn keeps coming up with the key ports error, but now it also says i am having dns errors. Any suggestions?
    thanks so much!

  289. Wayne says:

    Hi again for some reason windows won’t display my windows firewall settings.

  290. FUKER says:

    arghhh…what the fuck all the msn cannot use?!! fuck fuck fcuk

  291. tommie says:

    its says the problem is error code 0x800B0003. i cant even get the newer msn to see if it works! gah idk i’ve tried to get it working for the last two hours :[[[[ errry one…. someonee… anyone. heeeelp

  292. dammit says:

    For me internet AND msn doesnt work… and for msn its key ports problem and sumtimes dsn but that is usally easilly fixed by repairing the connection… at the same time rainlender says my internet is connected and there is usually some activity for dl and ul

  293. mee says:

    i still cant sign in

  294. mee says:

    same errors are appering

  295. Haylee Hore™ says:

    BUT i found this site that worked for me
    Give it a try =],108,284,html

  296. Adam says:

    Oook, i have tried every-single-thing on every-single-website and nothing is working. I cant sign in hotmail, my page wont let me sign, but does. Here are some other things i have noticed. I dont have a firewall thing, never did. When i go into control panel and open up the add or remove box… there isnt anything there! my sound tab isnt there and i dont know what to do… any thoughts? Im about to wipe the whole thing, is that my only option. PLEASE HELP!!

  297. Adam says:

    whoa hang on a tic… i posted this on december 7th at 7:34 pm… wha? I checked my time and date and everything.. whats this all about?

  298. Hecha says:


  299. Alaa says:

    reinstalled the network worked like a majic
    for the keyports error

  300. Wye734 says:

    Thank you so much, solution number two fixed it my provider had some auto proxy going and it fucked up everything that was MSN. I just wanting to say thank you because the Microsoft site didn’t help at all.

  301. Alice says:

    Hi I had this problem after I uninstalled norton 2006and I contacted help desk staff. Apparently it is an issue with norton 360. What I did was IE settings advanced options and then first. Uncheck the options “Check for Server certificate revocation (requires restart)”Also “Check for Publishers certificate revocation”. I unchecked the second one and then msn worked bingo!

  302. Alice says:

    Not sure why it works, u can recheck the boxes after apparently as well. Just some weird quirk I suppose

  303. Diva Disaster says:

    I unchecked all my previously checked boxes and it connected right away.

  304. Aftab ulhaq says:

    I have tried to reset internet setting but it could not work for me.Actually my anti Virus whish is Kaspersky was blocking MSN messanger i just disabled it for a moment and messenger got loged-in.thanks for you guidlines..

  305. Alex Seif says:

    Hey everybody,
    I think I know the problem to this, I have tried more than what was posted in this article, and then came to find that when Microsoft decided to go live it changed the directory of the messenger from to %program files%/live/messenger and hence your previous firewall and anti virus settings do not comply.
    All you have to do is edit you’re anti virus and firewall to the new directory..
    I use kaspersky and windows firewall, all I did was delete the old entries and had them re initiate notifications to allow the messenger.

    Jamis I’m sorry to tell you have just rewrote the solutions out of Microsoft’s own troubleshoot, you have added nothing but you’re own words..

  306. hanna says:

    I’ve tried all of the solutions, but none are working. For some strange reason my starter page works when I open Mozilla Firefox and also I can search things on Google at a fast speed. But when I try to go to links or type in addresses everything goes incredibly slow! I have a wireless internet (if that helps)

  307. hanna says:

    Sorry! I’ve just realized that my error code is: 81000306 (i have no clue what that is)

  308. XLR8 says:

    To remove the proxy settings, click the “Tools” menu and then “Options…” at your Messenger main window. Then in the options screen click “Connection” in the list to the left. Next, click the “Advanced Settings…” button. You can try and uncheck all checkboxes in this screen except the one labeled “TCP” to let Messenger connect through a direct connection.

    ….Why do some write this as help when i cant even log in.. in order to actually change the options in my messenger I HAVE TO BE LOGGED IN but since this whole topic is about how people cant because of the error how does this help?

  309. annoymous says:

    ryt i have tried everything and i mean everything and not 1 single thing works ive bin workin on this 4 3 week nd itss aload of s**t i swear ne ideas part frm 1s alredi bin sedn ??

  310. magic man says:


  311. Matt says:

    Thanks so much! I was apparently using a proxy or something, and number 2 fixed it right up!

  312. dan says:

    nice one, hadnt realised my time and date was wrong, cheers

  313. I hate msn says:

    Ok guys i have a £1,000 laptop and i payed this much not to have lttle problems like this so i said to my self ok f### this so know i use http://WWW.EBUDDY.COM its a free online msn but works with these problems pls i have tryed all the advice in this forum non have worked for me

  314. I hate msn says:

    ps it yes its the fone and itouch msn

  315. CJ says:

    Has ANYONE come up with a solution yet? Tried all the fixes listed, and then some, but I still can’t access Yahoo, MSN Messenger, or my email on this computer. Been like this for about a month now…getting old.

  316. CJ says:

    Alright peeps…it’s 4:15 in the damn morning, but after putting in 20+ hours of trying in vain to fix this problem, I stumbled on the solution.


    Uninstall MSN Messenger, and run this:

    Then let it restart your PC and download MSN Messenger. Try testing your email first; my email was fine right off the bat, but Messenger took a few minutes to come around.

    If this works for you…then do your fellow sufferers a favor and post the fix in a thread where you’ve seen this problem.

  317. galz says:

    were having a prolem downloading m.s.n weve downloaded it all ok but when we go 2 sign in it says trouble shoot so we clik on it and it is failing on key ports can any1 tell mi how 2 fixit any suggestions get back soon as possable

  318. Hut says:


  319. Hut says:

    Im getting hopeless

  320. Tao says:

    Solution 5 worked great for me. Thanks for putting this up here!

  321. Mike says:


    I tried everything…..BUT I found another solution.

    In Windows Task Manager (Alt/Ctrl/Del) there for some reason another msnmsgr.exe running in the background. When there shouldn’t be – close them all . Restart Messenger – and that worked for me.


  322. Bhattacharyya says:

    I went to Start > Run > msconfig > took off almost everything form the start up and then rebooted and it worked.

  323. adapter cell says:

    I tested this camera for a client. I didn’t have the light running for more than 15 minutes. The battery lasted approximately 6 hours before recharging. The LCD, however, had a few dead pixels – never saw this before. Tried returning for exchange and had to put up quite a fight. Anyone else seen this? laptop battery
    Verizon is about the only place you can get the authentic RIM product and matching door. Most other sites are out of stock and even when they are in stock they have the black battery door which looks like crap. new battery

  324. enrique says:

    i have the same problem today, i dont know what to do be cause i also have the problem with internet pages i cant check some pages tell me please what can i do

  325. jess x says:

    hay i have the same problem but only my older msn works so i dont no why it has done this it has been like this for days and yet i tired everythin above and still no luck :(

    if anyone can help me out give me a bell

  326. sagal says:

    it not let me sign to msn

  327. RokX says:

    Try setting 1400MTU on the router.(every router has this option somewhere)
    Synchronize your time:double click on time/internet time/update now

    ps: when msn had Key port error, i could not even do windows update and i could not log into some sites.

  328. ben says:

    my 1 isnt workin :( i have tryed everything i need to go away n i wanted to say bbye to me m8s but i cant coz me msn stuffed it says the key ports r stuffed if any1 no anything bout it tell me:(

  329. eric says:

    my msn messenger kicks me out of the session and when i troubleshoot it tells me something about the key ports. then i click repair and its ok for a while and then in 10 mins it does the same thing again what do i do? can someone help me?

  330. marius says:

    ok this is insane,
    when I start my pc it is able to launch xfire and teamspeak but not msn or my web browser, can someone please help? MSN says it’s due to key – ports (proxy turned off)

  331. Deniz says:

    I have tried everything, nothing seems to work..
    What can I do ?
    Please help me..

  332. Natalie says:

    I use Kaspersky security and have had this problem for a while. Tried the above solutions. Thanks for them. Now my Msn keeps logging into

    Sorry but i think MSN should pull their finger out and get this sorted. Looking back over peoples posts, they are two years old and MSN still have not resolved this problem.

  333. Jodie says:

    Hey Guys,
    Im having the same problem , to make the matter worse my boyfriend has recently moved away to america , the only way for us to keep contact is through msn , and just my luck..It started playing up , I tried EVERYTHING your website says , apart from uninstalling that card thingy , i didnt understand that , i am currently uninstalling windows live messenger for an older version (7.5) to see if that works , fingers crossed.
    I miss my boyfriend :(
    Thankyou for your help guys , hopefully it will work!
    x x x

  334. Louis says:

    i tried all but still no luck. this happened before and my friend did soemthing in tools> internet options> and then he did something with certifacates of sumthing :S it worked but i dont remember how to do it… any help??

  335. jason says:

    Hi having problems with MSN its driving me mad. Ive tried evrything to fix this problem the funny thing is it was working yesturday and today no luck i have MSN on 2 other computers both on wired and wireless connections to the net and they are working just fine yet my laptop is being a pain

    plz help

  336. jason says:

    update: i can access my hotmail inbox but i cant get into messanger

    ideas on how to fix


  337. Aidan says:

    Thanks for you help number 3 worked.

  338. tariq says:

    thanx man you help me
    my kaspersky was causing this prob. :|
    now its solved :)

  339. Holly says:

    I Had Code 80048820
    ThenI Unchecked All The Boxes On Internet Options Then Tried Again With MSN

    & Now I Have A New Code WTF Is Going On I’ve Tried Everything & My MSN Doesn’t Work

    Except Reinstalling The Network Card Cus I Don’t Kno What That Is ..

    Please I Beg You Help Me I Can’t Live Without My MSN

  340. Nick says:

    Mine was on Year 2011 =P when i edited it i came in

  341. briony says:

    thnkyuuu :D
    this helped alot ,,
    i wish i had found this site earlier ,,
    because my msn wasnt working for like atleast 6 months ,,
    it was really doing my head in ,,
    but then i changed the clock which was set in Jan 2009 .
    then it signed me in :D
    Solution 3 works :)

  342. Neto says:

    Hey thanks champ, u helped me a lot.

    My problem was solutioned with the second step.

  343. Bas says:

    i use windows vista and msn live with the avg virus scan but the big problem is i have to set proxy for connect to the internet so i can’t uncheck this box.
    anyone can help me coz i also have the same problem and i try all solutions which i can but it’s not work, pls help me


  344. Fatjoe says:

    Solution #2 worked for me – A software I had installed & uninstalled had left a proxy script in there


  345. Aranya says:

    Solution 3
    Check your windows System clock and ensure it’s set to the correct time and date.

    What the hell.. HAHAHAH It really worked! Wow, thank you so much! <3

  346. Its me says:


  347. ` x bby.jay says:

    solution three worked for me!
    my date was wrong, and was on 2030!
    then i signed back into msn!
    i cannot believe i survived 3 days without it!
    thanks :]

  348. Solution 3 says:


  349. IT WORKED says:

    THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH………..i had been playing around b4 i got the msn messenger error message with my proxy settings…….firefox was working for me, but my internet explorer was not working….so i set the thing to automatic proxy and what not……disabled all my firefox addons in case that had anything to do with it…………..and yeah………..BUT REMEMBER TO EXIT MSN AND RESTART AGAIN…because it did not work until i restarted msn

  350. Esther says:

    I got it! Thank you so much!!!

  351. elena says:

    look i had the same prob and i said why not switching off the antivirus(i have kaspersky ) and it worked..i think is something wrong with the antivirus progs they may not compatible with msn i dont know but it worked!!!!!

  352. ricky says:

    i had tried all your solutions, but it still didnt work… the problem is in the key ports and also even i cannot open !!!! what should i do? i really need to use msn!!!! please help me jamsi, any other want to help me too?? T.T

  353. [...] Para acessar o site batsa clicar aqui. [...]

  354. [...] Client. Heaps better and that antivirus picks up … are still stuck with the error and cannot … &gt&gt Windows XP &gt&gt Daylight Savings Time change not …It is looking for a [...]

  355. elven says:

    i had tried all the solutions, but it still didnt work … i can go to or just msn cant.. i’ve try install MSN7 / MSN 8 / MSN 9 but also the same problem.

  356. Rifki says:

    auuuuh.. plis help me. i have done EVERYTHING, my, msn messanger and cant work.
    plis help plis

  357. CK says:

    This is TH BOMB!

    THANKS SO MUCH DUDE. You’ve turned my despair straight into a smile. Kudos to you~ (:

  358. emma says:

    i’ve tried absolutely everything on your list, and it still doesn’t work.
    Could it be because I use Firefox and not IE?

  359. Akshay Ghowry says:

    i’m getting a problem with my msn messenger, before everything was working properly, suddenly don’t know what happen. i can’t login anymore!!! when i trobleshoot, i got problem with Key Ports, what can i solve this problem? please

  360. vuxus says:

    I’m facing the same problem and I couldn’t login for few days.

    However I managed to solve it with luck. Here it is listed below:
    1. Uninstalled all the MSN related program.

    2. download ‘MSN Messenger 7.5.0324′ and installed into your PC. pls goto the following link.

    3. after successfully installed, exit the old MSN program.

    4. download the latest MSN version and installed without uninstalled the previous version.

    and that’s it. Look pretty simple but I’m not sure apply to you guys or not. Hope it work for u guys.
    Good luck!!! :o)

  361. michelle says:

    I have tried to do everything on your list, but it still say’s there is something wrong with my keyports and i don’t know what else to do. could you or anyone please help me.

  362. marco says:

    hi guys i hade same problem like others and i tried everything but didnt do f…ck all soo what i did my litll bro give me this code
    1. click start
    2. put this code on run
    regsvr32 softpub.dll Wintrust.dll Initpki.dll Rsaenh.dll Mssip32.dll Cryptdlg.dll
    regsvr32 litlle window will come out press ok hopefully sort it let me know if its work 4u

  363. [...] MSN – Key Ports? Have a look at this see if it helps Jigsaw Boys Feature Posts Windows XP MSN Key port (80048820 error) [...]

  364. Mae says:

    Ok, so for me I can’t get on to MSN, of course, key ports, blah. But I also can’t get on firefox. At all. It won’t let me on Firefox or IE. AIM still works though. I dunno why… I’ve tried all of these and its not working. I ran a virus scan and Im running Spybot too… do you think that could be it? Please someone help me, I’m so annoyed with this stupid thing!

  365. Sophie says:

    So i have the exact problem & tried everything, i uninstalled my msn messinger and now the site wont even come up anymore, so i carnt reinstall, plsss help me xD x

  366. Jamsi says:

    Hi Sophie,

    Did you go through the solution list? Have you tried checking your system clock? What about Norton, do you have it installed?

    Most people find the answer after going through each solution listed one by one.

  367. Casey says:

    Thanks, Now my msn is back up. :D
    Ha, All I needed too do was change the time.

  368. Sam says:

    Hey, I can log on to MSN Web Messenger but not onto Live. I run the trouble shooter and it comes up with hosts file error – your hosts file contains windows live related material which may interfer with name resolution – and key ports error. I go into Tools, Options, Connection, and it says I am currently not connected to the .NET Messenger Service. I’ve gone on heaps of websites and tried all the above solutions, I don’t have Norton but I do have Kaspersky. You guys all seem to be really knowledgeable and I’d really appreciate it if you could help me with this. I’ve tried my account on other computers and it works fine – What can I do?

  369. Sam says:

    Can anyone help me?

  370. *..* says:


    But the MSN did`t work wihe me i change the time ???


  371. ARMENIA says:

    @ SAM

    hey sam.
    i had the same problem.

    i did everything, but nothing worked. try this.

    1) Open up Internet explorer
    2) Click the tools menu, then Internet options
    3) Select the connections tab
    4) Click the LAN settings
    5) UNTICK EVERYTHING. and press ok.
    6) RE-ENTER the LANsettings, now tick “Automatically Detect Settings”
    7) Click ok, close down IE and MSN and then try launching MSN.

    This method has helped fix my problem.
    Hope it will help you.

    GRTZ ARMENIA davidhopar

  372. ARMENIA says:

    @ SAM

    hey sam.
    i had the same problem.

    i did everything, but nothing worked. try this.

    1) Open up Internet explorer
    2) Click the tools menu, then Internet options
    3) Select the connections tab
    4) Click the LAN settings
    5) UNTICK EVERYTHING. and press ok.
    6) RE-ENTER the LANsettings, now tick “Automatically Detect Settings”
    7) Click ok, close down IE and MSN and then try launching MSN.

    This method has helped fix my problem.
    Hope it will help you.

    GRTZ ARMENIA davidhopar

  373. ARMENIA says:

    aaaah crap

    sorry for dubble post.


  374. [...] might have to disable it in the bios first.n nwhat is the lappy?n nthis might also help:n nJigsaw Boys Feature Posts Windows XP MSN Key port (80048820 error)n ndxrn rn rn rn rn rn rn rn rn rn rnrn rnrnrn rn rn rn rn [...]

  375. KIMBERLINA says:

    im not sayin thankx u wasted my time IT DIDNT WORK JUST LIKE EVERY1 ELSLE DIDNT THICK DICKS

  376. KIMBERLINA says:


  377. Zak says:

    Thank you so0o much for the help<33 solution 2 worked like a charm

  378. Seani says:

    hello my msn is not working keeps coming up key port error… i got rid of my old version of nortons cuz it expired and now i have the new one… ive tried every solution but 1 and 3 because i don’t know how to do those things! gah!!! i need help majorly and i cant get rid of my anti virus cuz my computer seriously needs it!!! lmfao. please help me

  379. **JODii3**BAB3** says:

    It keep saying that firewall is blocking msn. But i have turned firewall off, and the keyports aswell. What is wrong ?? I realy really want msn !!!!
    Please help a.s.a.p

  380. DIno says:

    THX THX THX very much!!!! :D

  381. Alexandra says:

    thank u so much problem was the date after all!
    thanks so much

  382. Yoshiaki says:

    I also having the same problem. but i tried your solution 2.
    thanks for this information.
    I can finally log in now

  383. Dave says:

    Open up your modem settings http/
    Go to your WAN settings and check your MTU settings change them to 1200 and save settings may need to reboot and try to access again
    Worked 4 me hope it helps

  384. Kelli says:

    I was shut out from Msn for several days.The codes said wireless keyport blocked I didn’t have a clue what that was but…I checked with Msn support as I”m running Vista home premium I looked for a fix. It talked about the time and date needing updating but that was for WinXP only and that was all.There wasn’t anything relating to Vista at all.As they(Time & Date) were correct ,I went into the add/uninstall program and Uninstalled just the live messenger part of the overall program and did a restart.Then I reinstalled Msn and then Msn started to work correctly and I haven’t had a problem today. The other strange part was the other programs relate to Windows Live messenger (mail etc) continued to work correctly. I hope this will be of some help to others as this seems to be affecting different computers differently.

  385. etienne says:

    none of the things you posted worked
    and you write that northon might be blocking it
    well my msn ONLY works if northon IS running, and my northon is expired and i hasn’t been updated for years
    if i turn northon off i can’t sig in
    verry strange, also when i trun northon off i can’t lopg in on sites like “hyves”
    only thing i havn’t tried is registerysmart (which i have installed on the laptop)”
    when i go to msn>tools>options>conection it says: you are currently not conected to .NET Messenger Service
    (if i turn northon on it says something like: you are conected to .NET Messenger Service)
    i can logg on while northon is on, but my northon is installed incomplete becaus ther’s a virus on it, and the way it’s installed now will give errors while booting up my pc but it won’t activate the virus.
    still Northon is making my pc verry slow

    do u have ANY solution for this?

  386. Diana says:

    Im goin mad!
    last night my MSN was workin fine, and now I try to log in and it says an error code, I don’t know what to do!
    please help, I’ve tried all those things you guys said but it still don’t work =/
    I just wanna swear everything out! OMG
    oh and like last night it was workin then this mornin I logged in it worked and now it isnt again, I do troubleshoot and the problem is with the key ports, I repair it but it doesn’t do anything!!!
    any suggestions?
    apart from those you’ve already said??
    why does this things have to happen? and always with me? for God’s sake everything has happened to me lately with this stupid laptop >=((


  387. Diana says:

    when I go to a thing on my MSN to see this>>> .NET messenger service
    it says I’m not connected but then when I fuckin go to that fuckin service it fuckin says that this fuchin shit is fuckin connected!!!!
    is this an american site? its cos I’m in the UK and it’s still the 8th!!

  388. Diana says:

    I think the problem is that the windows is in save mode or safe or whatever!
    can anyone HELP ME please! I’m strugglin

  389. Diana says:

    thanks a lot for the help ya know!! .|.

  390. vins says:

    thanx a lot dude……

  391. Sha says:

    i’ve tried using all the solutions u’ve given me….but none of them worked. im windows live messenger beta…….may be that’s the problem..???could u give me another solutions…..tnx

  392. Sha says:

    i’ve tried using all the solutions u’ve given me….but none of them worked. im windows live messenger beta…….may be that’s the problem..???could u give me another solutions…..tnx

  393. Devil says:

    follow these steps:
    1- go to …show all connections
    2-u’ll find sth called Local Area Connection
    3-right click on it nd click properties
    3-u hv 4 options…choose the last 1…called Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)
    4- so just click on it….dnt double click….nd then click properties
    5-a small page gna show up 4 u……check “Use the following IP adress:
    6-fill in the empty spaces….now when ur done
    7-check now ” Use the following DNS sever adresses” nd fill in preffered DNS server only, nd the numbers r like the IP adress above thats it….enjoy

    10- sth else..if u ddnt no where r these numbers ….
    the same folder – show all connection….double click on it
    11-click on support..nd u’ll find them :D:D……hope it works……

  394. porno says:

    thanx man i tryed solution numba 2

  395. watever says:

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck i tried every fucking thng nd still not fucking work !!! i tried milllion account nd still not workin .. pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz ppl plllllllllllllllz help
    it killz me dat i cant log into ma fuckin msn :’( :@

    help help help ..

  396. watever says:

    i tried every fucking thng nd still not fucking work !!! i tried milllion account nd still not workin .. pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz ppl plllllllllllllllz help
    it killz me dat i cant log into ma fuckin msn :’( :@

    help help help ..

  397. Ben says:

    thank you. solution 2 worked for me :)

  398. Dr Gonzo says:

    Thanks sooo much Chris.
    I thought both my Internet Explorer and MSN were truly f**ked, because Firefox was working fine.
    Now, all is in order.
    Thanks Again. :D

  399. she-she says:

    thnx soo much i finally got it to work after 1 year!!!

  400. Tia says:

    Hi i have tried everything that you suggested but nothing seems to work! Do you have any other ideas? Please for windows live messenger?

    tia x

  401. Andrew says:

    i tried all of the above at home and non seemed to work, so i brought it to another wifi hotspot (my work) and everything seems to work perfect so i think it’s the wireless router or something to do with the service provider?!

    Hope this helps??

  402. eddie says:

    i fail to see, how i can be helped by this registry cleaner.
    when its not free?

  403. maria says:

    mine worked after a long struggle even i tired all of your steps the problem was with the DATE of my system it was wrong…i changed it and msn worked makesure your time and date is right…thanks to you all for your help:)

  404. sam says:

    Thx man ur so clever!

  405. cj says:

    just a little hint to those still having problem with msn key port
    open IE -> tool -> advanced tab -> under security, unclick “Check for Server certificate revocation ” -> CLICK APPLY -> click OK -> close IE -> reopen IE again
    be sure to CLICK APPLY then OK
    i found out that the box will be automatically ticked again if u just click OK then OK, NEED TO CLICK APPLY, THEN OK
    and make sure to close the IE, then reopen it

    also, i think norton somehow contributes to this problem, cuz i got this outdated info of it [even tho i did update it], then my msn stopped working !!!!
    when i switched av software to kaspersky, no problem at all so far!!!!

    hope this helps=]

  406. Rufus says:

    The following resolved the Messenger/MSN ports error for me on Windows XP:

    1. Start > Run
    2. Type ‘cmd’
    3. Type ‘netsh winsock reset catalog’ then press enter (to reset winsock entries to installation defaults)
    4. Type ‘netsh int ip reset reset.log’ then press enter (to reset tcp/ip stack to installation defaults)

    Full solution with screenshots is at:

  407. Rufus says:

    Recommend against Solution 9.
    Registry Fox is reported spyware and blacklisted on the WOT (Web of Trust).

  408. Tracy says:

    I tried option 7 because it seemed the quickest and lucky me – that one worked perfectly! THANK YOU.

  409. Lauren says:

    msn isnt workinn !!!
    tried everything on here
    i dont have norton or whateva its called
    and i wend to my firewall and i swiched it off and it still didnt fuckin sign me in !
    whats rong with it !!!!!
    someone pleaase say
    am gettin stressed

  410. Kake_Fisk says:

    Thanks, solution 2 strangely worked.

  411. [...] checked 7) Click ok, then ok 8) Start up MSN and give it a whirl! If this doesn't work try these MSN Key port (80048820 error) | Jigsaw Boys __________________ Welcome To MPGH.NET! Helpful Links Below:MPGH – Main Forum / MPGH – VIP [...]

  412. Han says:

    I’ve had this issue before and tried everything I could google up about “Key Ports error code 80048820″. I can only say that if you’re using FreeGate Proxy and/or UltraSurf Proxy and didn’t close the program properly after browsing the web (i.e. through Task Manager or closing IE as you always do by clicking [x]) you will experience this error everytime you try to sign into WLM. And unless you start FreeGate or UltraSurf again and close it PROPERLY this time by right-clicking and exiting on the program icon in the task bar you will get error 80048820 non-stop.

    BTW, if you’re wondering why you have to restart FG/US and closing it not by using the [x] button but instead by right-clicking the icon in the taskbar is because the programes automatically set and remove your proxy settings upon opening/closing them.

  413. Freaky says:

    Hello Everyone out there having this problem!
    I too was hit by this ULTRA-aggravating problem, and just believe me I tried EVERYTHING there was to find about this problem on the internet. Yet it didn’t work still! BUT I found myself THE solution for when all else fails!
    I went looking into the list of services running on windows (vista), and thought if I see something strange IMA CLOSING IT DOWN! and guess what I found, The service of Windows firewall still running while I completely turned it off. so I right clicked, shut it down, and tried to reconnect on messenger… … … … OMG IT LOGGED IN!

    Really that is about what happened to me, i was like FINALLY!

    To look into this list, just press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and select task manager, then look under the tab services.

    After that I normally turned on windows firewall, and I set configuration to default (in configuration of firewall)

    I Ain’t saying that this will work for everybody, but it sure did for me, AFTER I tried All else there is to find.

    Good luck!
    Your friend Rik (Freaky)

  414. CUrt says:

    Wow the system clock worked for me, how pety.

    Thanks man :).

  415. Sonny says:

    It won’t work for me, I’ve tried all of the steps but nothing work.

    Its been 1 whole week since I can even get on MSN & this is causing me serious problems.

    How can I resolve this? Please help!

  416. Konnievm says:

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  417. Adi Oktavianto Kurniawan says:

    Adding from me,

    Maybe it because of ur Antivirus Program.

    U can disabled itu then sign in.
    After that, enabled again di antivirus program.

    It maybe because the program protected ur computer to sending important data.

  418. mark pitchford says:

    cheers CJ, taking out the option under the advanced tab sorted the issue out.

  419. kat says:

    Thanks! The system clock solution worked! amazing

  420. I had a same issue but I disable the firewall afterward it resolves.

  421. Jonathan says:

    well unfortunately I have a SOLUTION #9
    1) open control panel
    2) network and internet
    3)turn windows firewall on
    3) click allow program through firewall
    4) add port
    5) name – doesnt matter port- 1863 – TCP
    6) name – Doesnt matter port- 5190 – TCP

    and double check make sure your msn isnt being blocked out in that list it should be checked ..

    This fixed mine and it wasnt a solution up here had a hard time figuring it out on my own I think norton messed mine up tryed to uninstall and never fixed it so I did this.

  422. Jamsi says:

    Thanks for that buddy. I think uninstalling Norton would have fixed this problem though?

  423. mikec says:

    THANKS works for skype aswell! (solution 1)
    i can video call my gf at uni now :D

  424. Aneeq Hashmi says:

    I tried so many options and after 3 hours i got success. how??? I really don’t know :)
    But the last thing i did was I go to tool menu of internet explorer then advanced tab then click restore advance settings.

  425. It won’t work for me, I’ve tried all of the steps but nothing work.

    Its been 1 whole week since I can even get on MSN & this is causing me serious problems.

    How can I resolve this? Please help!

  426. sheila says:

    Hi ppl i have tried every option and stil no solution!!! I was having problems signing in to msn so un-installed it, when i have went to reinstall it says its cant download as im not connected to internet, however i am as i can download other stuff and get onto other websites! Plz help if u can :)

  427. Jamsi says:

    haha – glad we could help Mike! :D

  428. alameen says:

    MSN Key port 80048820 error

    Still not work, hotmail & windows live meseneger

  429. Tony says:

    hey thank you so much man

  430. Sam says:

    I had MSN back in the UK and it worked fine, I’ve moved to the USA and its stopped working on my conection at home. I can’t get onto MSN/hotmail and even some other regular sites i could back home. I’ve checked all listed above but nothings worked! It’s driving me crazy! I’m plugged straight into the modem on windows 7. please help!

  431. Excellent site. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks! The Solution 2 works for me.

  443. Sunshin3 says:

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  461. blog geek says:

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  462. Drilon says:

    Thank you very much for mee work (Solution 3
    Check your windows System clock and ensure it’s set to the correct time and date.) thank you so much :):):):):):)

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